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After todays patch, Joysticks no longer work, anyone else?

I really enjoy flying STO with a Joystick. They worked fine last night in STO. After todays patch they're dead Jim. They worked fine in other games and the calibration program. Also the "controller tab" looks dead too in STO.

For those who use Joysticks with STO, are yours working?


  • crm14916crm14916 Member Posts: 1,364 Arc User
    My sister ran into the same problem, so not just you...
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  • galacticgoogalacticgoo Member Posts: 61 Arc User
    Good to know I'm not crazy, thank you! STO is so fun with a Joystick.
  • eladonwarps#6040 eladonwarps Member Posts: 231 Arc User
    There's a thread or two in the Support/Bug Reports forum sections. Seems like most controller inputs are messed up, and some of the movement keybinds for joysticks & controllers are just not on the keybind page.

    I hope it gets addressed soon.
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  • hrw#3748 hrw Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    My Logitech gamepad wont work either,nothing works not even a button,I am realy dissapointed,i hope they can fix it soon,i cant fly my ship or ground missions,bye bye event progress and endeavours
  • galacticgoogalacticgoo Member Posts: 61 Arc User
    Just got this today for those interested:
    Thanks for reaching out.

    I understand that your stick controller is not working in-game after the update. Sadly, controllers are not "officially" supported in-game. This might have caused the issue of you being able to use it before and being unable to use it after the recent update. I suggest posting this to the forums so that the developers can further review this issue and hopefully add a feature to fully support other controllers. Even though the developers and QA team may not reply, they will see it there and hopefully look into the issue.

    I apologize for any inconvenience this issue might have brought you. If you have any other concerns, please let us know.

    When I first started playing (the Romulan expansion was new), the Joystick was all or nothing (like using the keyboard). Then magically after a patch was proportional control (variable) was added so you could fly some very precise maneuvers. It has been like this for the last few years (around 6 years I think). With the proportional control STO is a blast, and you don't have the jerky turns you have with the keyboards control. If we can get the Joysticks fixed, and added Throttle support, we could use a full HOTAS which would be epic. As of now, we have nothing.

    Playing with a keyboard today was awful and not even remotely fun. In the new TFO in the Event today it was Nightmare on Elm street. Here comes the Targ, pressing the left turn key.....turn left?....dang it turn left.......this week, turn left.....ok we overshot, turn right......mother....turn right....(insert colorful metaphors)...TURN!!!!!! Cryptic, really we need to have a discussion on controllability (and targeting (which is also messed up)) in STO. You have us playing a Star Pilot during space combat in STO, give us back the tools we need to do so. To put it in context in the real world I used to work with, if you put the poor controllability and targeting before the review boards of WrightPat or PAX River, they would laugh you out the door.
  • alcyoneserenealcyoneserene Member Posts: 2,311 Arc User
    edited May 27
    Reasons such as these are why I long ago stopped giving a single penny since way back in delta rising: they don't care, they don't think proper controls are important, or bug fixes on critical systems.

    Doesn't matter who's to blame at this point, the end product/service speaks for itself over the month and years.

    My limited funding goes elsewhere instead, where the devs actually provide reliable joystick support of any type, in a competitive FPS MMO, to gain a competitive advantage combining mouse keyboard and other input methods. STO is an easy game, no collisions, no real 3D flight or precision piloting, yet we're stuck yet again without proper analog joystick input recognition because of one single broken patch.

    Nothing about this game and game company surprises me anymore.
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  • ambassadorkael#6946 ambassadorkael Member, Administrator Posts: 2,329 Community Manager
    Turns out we don't *officially* support joysticks and gamepads on PC, but I've asked the team to take a look if they have time.
  • eladonwarps#6040 eladonwarps Member Posts: 231 Arc User
    > @ambassadorkael#6946 said:
    > Turns out we don't *officially* support joysticks and gamepads on PC, but I've asked the team to take a look if they have time.

    The part that I don't get then is why there's a Controller menu in Options of the PC interface which still includes the selectors for Joysticks and XBox Gamepads. If there's no official support, shouldn't that screen not be there?
    Call me "El," she/her only. I love my wife and I don't care who knows it!
  • hrw#3748 hrw Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    i hope they can find the time to fix the controllers,thats 3 days without my pad,i am useless with the keys too,if that option in the game contollers was not there,i would never have played star treck online,i even bought a new joypad for the game and spent a good bit of money buying ships and other gear,so yeah if there is no support for pads or joysticks why have that option there, c,mon Arc help us joypad users,
  • echattyechatty Member Posts: 5,628 Arc User
    hrw#3748 wrote: »
    c,mon Arc help us joypad users,

    Arc has nothing to do with the game except as a launcher, like Steam. Cryptic is the game designer.
    Now a LTS and loving it.

    Just because you spend money on this game, it does not entitle you to be a jerk if things don't go your way.

  • hrw#3748 hrw Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    thanks,c,mon Crpytic give us our controls back please,
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