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Energy Weapons stop firing glitch

drunkflux#5679 drunkflux Member Posts: 195 Arc User
edited May 2021 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
So today I noticed during a mission(Delta Flight) that all but 1 of my weapons had stopped firing, at first I thought it was the mission and enemy debuffs but then I entered another mission (Wanted Patrol)with completely different enemy groups and certain weapons decided to also stop firing. When it's happening the weapons in question are stuck with a brighter than normal green border and only disengaging enemies, unequiping them, and re-equiping them allows them to fire again.

I was using 4 dual beam banks(Lorca wide angle, 3 agony dual phaser, and 1 dark matter torpedo) as well as 2 omni phasers in the aft. All but the lorca wide angle stopped firing in delta flight, while the third and fourth weapon stopped firing in the Wanted patrol.

someone else using dual cannons also had this happen in one of the new episodes.

Edit: I should make a note when the weapons stop firing they seem to during combat remain indefinently in cooldown and never fully recharge. There cooldown resets when other weapons start firing.

Thinking of ideas from lots of games for, dunno how long now.


  • drunkflux#5679 drunkflux Member Posts: 195 Arc User
    westmetals wrote: »
    That episode has a scene with a special "escort" flight mode where it locks your navigation and speed and you can only go straight ahead and fire on the enemies as they come into range. Is it possible you were in that when you noticed the problem?

    No, check above this is in MULTIPLE missions. I had full controls otherwise.

    Thinking of ideas from lots of games for, dunno how long now.
  • pwablo#0854 pwablo Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited May 2021
    You are not alone! This is happening constantly on all my characters in various ships and its repeatable in multiple different TFOs, Patrols and Missions. I am using a phaser cannon build and it seems to be just the energy weapons that stop working. Torps and experimental slotted weapons seem to be ok. My friend also reported this on his AP beam build several times last night, all post patch. I also have several ship traits missing and one not available for selection yet, it is still slotted in the ship !
    Game breaking stuff....I expect a fix is being worked on just now, but lord knows when it could be pushed out.
  • p331p331 Member Posts: 124 Arc User
    I had the same problem last night with all of my heavy dual cannons not firing while doing the Wanted patrol.
  • raijinmeister#1931 raijinmeister Member Posts: 168 Arc User
    Same problem, dual heavy cannons, before the final wave of the ninth rule.
  • lopequillopequil Member Posts: 1,213 Arc User
    Same problem here. Some people have said it's a visual issue but I can tell they aren't firing because weapon power doesn't drop.
  • raijinmeister#1931 raijinmeister Member Posts: 168 Arc User
    lopequil wrote: »
    Same problem here. Some people have said it's a visual issue but I can tell they aren't firing because weapon power doesn't drop.

    I can tell because the enemies are not vanishing in a second. :D
  • scotty74321scotty74321 Member Posts: 80 Arc User
    As i have just started the new mission, as the epsisode went on by the time i got to the dreadnought all I had working was the wide arc phaser beam array and a few other weapons from rep sets proton beam gravemetric torps, my pulse phasers and omni phaser pen beam did'nt fire even after disengaging unslotting reslotting, any crafted or upgraded box weapons failed to fire on auto fire or manual space bar or weapons icon on the weapon ui, nice "features" in this new update GJ Cryptic Im dumping the new mission at this point till your fix all thats broken I'll come back in a fortnight. Bodes well for any summer event they are working on.
    Laddy, don't you think you should... rephrase that??
  • roninwolf1981#2968 roninwolf1981 Member Posts: 328 Arc User
    One of my previous missions had the aft Photon Torpedoes completely locked out halfway during the whole patrol. The next one, the Carraya Patrol, it were my forward Phaser Cannon and aft Phaser Turret and Phaser Beam Array that were locked out halfway during the patrol.
  • roninwolf1981#2968 roninwolf1981 Member Posts: 328 Arc User
    I went and checked the patch notes scheduled for tomorrow; unfortunately, there is no mention of any fix action to address the random locking-out of ship weapons mid-mission.
  • fihillfihill Member Posts: 37 Arc User
    I am also having this problem. It seems to be taking only one kind of weapon offline, in my case it's all my cannons, but leaving others to work. Noticed it while playing the new TFO (though it was a glitch during that). After having played another mission, it keeps happening. Only the cannons on my t6 Kor BoP (2x forward, 1xturret). the dual beam, 360 beam and projectile weapon still function.
  • baronvonboombaronvonboom Member Posts: 41 Arc User
    edited May 2021
    Happening here also & from the looks of various social media we arent alone.
    Pretty shocking its not been acknowledged & no fix in todays patch seemingly, so what are those of us with this game breaking bug meant to do?
  • shadow4fox3shadow4fox3 Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    It's happening here for me and for a friend as well. It is happening in patrols AND tfo's... and all types of ship weapons.
  • raijinmeister#1931 raijinmeister Member Posts: 168 Arc User
    Playing the patrol The Ninth rule with my KDF and most of my weapons stop to work before the last objective. I removed all of them after disabling the auto-fire and it didn't work. Only the DHC from the preserver set, the transphasic torp from the same set and the omni beam from the Martok set keep working. During the last wave I disengaged, removed all weapons, put them back and nothing. Only those 3 weapons kept firing.

    The way how the game is now is unplayable, you add that to the fact if you are playing with a ship with battle/enhanced cloak you can be stuck cloaked, since the begining of the KDF recruitment event, just to make things worse.

    Judging by the notes for the next maintenance nothing will be done to fix this game breaking bug for now and who knows when they will be able to fix it.

    Keep this in mind the next time you buy any of these overpriced bundles and ask yourself in what your hard earned money you are pouring in this game is being used.
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