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kor uniform bug

will#4752 will Member Posts: 37 Arc User
when using the kor uniform on the c-store klingon liberated borg eng boff there are a few bugs. there is no kor back option. colour 2 on the dual shoulder pad is tied to colour 2 on the upper as well as colour 2 on the dagger if you equip it. you change the colour on one and the others change the same. the same problem applies to dual shoulder accessory + lower colour 1 + upper colour 1. thank you.


  • will#4752 will Member Posts: 37 Arc User
    so i added some k13 klingon tactical boffs and while they had the back kor option, the same tied sections were there. i reloaded the game just incase it was a temp glitch but the problems were still there. i bought a random orion from the exchange and no problems. none of the bog standard boffs i`d made beforehand had a problem. even the veteran android was fine. just the liberated klingon and k13 boffs.
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