support repeatedly marking unsolved ticket "solved"

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so... I recently discovered that one of my captains is unable to train any BOFFs in any form of Destabilizing Resonance Beam. I have the manuals and all the other prerequisites, the "learn" buttons show up... just pushing them don't actually teach the officers the skills.

I sent in a ticket and on the second exchange (their first was to ask if the issue had cleared itself, as they didn't respond for multiple days, and to direct me to this forum)... they marked the issue "solved".


I tried several different things to try to get it to work, none of which did, and added that to the ticket (along with a note about the forum thread that dates back to 2018 with no useful information)... and they marked it solved again.


And... in my further attempts to find a workaround, I've now unlocked the ability with a second character. The same thing happened. Cannot train this skill on any BOFF at all. And I added that to the ticket (reopening it)... and they marked it solved again.


What do we need to do to get them to realize that the problem still exists?


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    please...this has been a known reoccurrence with the ticket people. they always marked solved no matter what. they just dont give a rats butt about really fixing anything.
    a ticket listed as "solved" for them looks great for metrics, and thats all they care about.

    that is also why i have advocated for a system that allows players to keep tickets open until actually fixed. the player can close it once it is fixed, or the ticket gets closed if the player does not reply within 7 days.

    i also would like to have a sticky thread or link where we can all see bugs in queue to be fixed as a whole, so that as players we can track how the company is addressing them or not.

    the system they have is for TRIBBLE, does not get things done, does not allow the player to hold the company to account for a resolution, and they know it.


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    After further testing, I'm now up to four characters affected by this bug (out of five tested).

    I'm not interested in some random player excusing away why this ticket is being marked "solved" when it is not. I want to know how I can actually get this addressed.