No patch notes for 4/2?

indyshark Member Posts: 1,497 Arc User
I was surprised they are patching STO two days in a row. Any idea why they are doing this on a Friday?


  • ward101#8752
    ward101#8752 Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    pc shard maintenance just cleaning some bugs maybe who knows it go's its does get so slow sometimes unless they say so
  • indyshark
    indyshark Member Posts: 1,497 Arc User
    They typically do that on the Thursday weekly maintenance. I was wondering why they would do that twice in one week. They do that sometimes when there is a lot of new content, but I am not aware of anything new that was released yesterday that would require a patch today.
  • keepcalmchiveon
    keepcalmchiveon Member Posts: 4,005 Arc User
    could be a combo clean up and some fixes. usually when this happens so close together it reflects that they probably found or were alerted to something that "needed" to be fixed.

  • ltminns
    ltminns Member Posts: 12,481 Arc User
    Clear any problems before Easter.
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