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Win GPL playing Dabo description

captainkccaptainkc Member Posts: 103 Arc User
This personal endeavor pops up on occasion, and the description reads: "Win GPL playing Dabo! You can play Dabo on Deep Space 9, at Quark's bar, or on Drozana Station, located in the Donatu Sector of the Beta Quadrant." Well Arc Games left out one important detail, that you can play Dabo "on Nimbus, in the Hobus sector." I have done it on Nimbus in the Paradise bar and it qualifies for the reward. The programmers should change it in the next update.

Report ticket: 438098
Date responded: March 1 2021
Contacted by: GM Mavis

Screenshot URL:
Win GPL Playing Dabo!
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  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 7,527 Arc User
    For that matter, there's also dabo tables on the bridges of certain ships....
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