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BOFF Command Respec mention in stream?

Last evening, it was announced several BOFF Command abilities will be buffed today in the PC Patch. Notes were to be included in the patch notes.

Yet nothing. Did they buff them or not?

See the 40 Minute Mark:


  • saurializardsaurializard Member Posts: 3,632 Arc User
    edited March 4
    Just from looking at my Boffs who have the abilities, cooldown and stats are still the same.
    Dunno about the amount of progress made in battle for each ability used, though.

    EDIT: OK, watching the video and taking notes to see what was supposed to be changed.
    EDIT2: OK, didn't go too far, but "we changed Emergency Artillery's cooldown from 90sec to 60sec" is enough proof for me to know the changes didn't happen. It's still at 90sec.
    And Kael just playing with vanity shields instead of showing the command abilities to either show the improvements (if they were made) or to show the differences is greatly annoying me in that video.
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,765 Bug Hunter
    edited March 7
    I'd say lets wait another week, then perhaps review this again. Usually what's ready to go LIVE now, is (sometimes) 1 week behind what we experience.
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  • vanhyovanhyo Member Posts: 77 Arc User
    edited March 6
    Interesting, the devs could have been reading my last topic or just happy coincidence.

    Anyway, just a suggestion, make reruote power from life support's penalty mostly symbolic rather than truly panalizing, lets say 2% per tick but only for 5 seconds, because 2% is ticking all the time is too much, image having a negative photonic officer on, not cool.

    I like the idea of when releasing new ships with special seatings to also revisit the boff abilities to that specialization.
  • pottsey5gpottsey5g Member Posts: 3,403 Arc User
    The changes to Call Emergency Artillery are welcome and look fun.
  • saurializardsaurializard Member Posts: 3,632 Arc User
    Ah, Subspace Interception...

    The utter JOY of using it to save a teammate only for it to target a pet stuck between the ground of a moon and a reactor platform on my Valkis...
    The sweet DELIGHT of taking forever at reverse impulse to try and turn to get away before the reactor is blown up.
    The sheer RELISH of having to wait 90 sec to use it again, watching the teammate blow up, being unable to fire, trapped between 2 objects.

    Aaaah, so great to know this will never happen again. Thank you for those long-overdue, much-needed changes.
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