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After Event daily Dilithium Bonus broken



  • postagepaidpostagepaid Member Posts: 2,777 Arc User
    For me I log in and daily around lunchtime in the UK, so the timer will have ticked off well before. I do check if its the start of an event and I've adjusted my login time to catch things day one but the timer isn't showing and bar was saying bonus to be had. I also tend to designate one character to be that events stooge and dilbot since for the f2p account its easier to remember where the refining needs to be done and a different one gets the next event.

    I did the daily thing and 8480 dil rewarded, 480 for the run plus the 8k bonus, fine for day one but after that I'd consider it broken.

    This has been a consistent issue for quite a while now but at the same time inconsistent because its a coin toss as to whether or not you hit the issue. In the past others have been hit but both my accounts were fine, I've had both get hit by it and at times it's been a split between them.
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