Cannot access ship loadouts for your current ship while in Space

kyon#5061 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
You can neither save or load the loadout for your current ship while you're in space. While there are work arounds for it (switching to your shuttle, being in a social zone like ESD), none of those will allow you to save your Bridge Officer layout for the ship.


  • lcansmanl#7354
    lcansmanl#7354 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Yes, I have the same problem. Cannot access ship loadouts in space.
  • gilles#8843
    gilles#8843 Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    Me too. Can't believe we are the only ones having this issue.
  • drayne#8492
    drayne#8492 Member Posts: 32 Arc User
    Yup everyone is having this issue. To expand on the issue further more we also cannot switch load outs while in space (for those who use multiple loadouts). Also we have issues saving the FULL load out while on ground for example: duty officer's, If you load up your saved load out the game will clear your active duty officer roster causing you to have to redo them.
  • whiteknight1x
    whiteknight1x Member Posts: 122 Arc User
    I had the same issue but with only 1 loadout. I just save another loadout over it. Now I have access to it and just needed to set it up again.