Amount of Dilithum Ore not increasing as I complete the Red Alert Event each day.

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I bought out the reward for the red alert event on day one, as I wanted to spend 2 weeks gathering larger amounts of dilithium ore on my alt characters. I've done it on different alt characters every day since then, and I am still only receiving the 8K dilithium ore.
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  • captaincelestial
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    Definitely can confirm maxing out at 8k. I'm supposed to be at 21k at the next reward level.
  • nordson#8845
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    Same here. I should have recived 11.000 dil after my run today, the chat window says 8.000. I didn't check my bank prior to the event, so I might have recived the correct amount. I'll check tomorrow.
  • spacehermit
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    I have the same problem. No reply to my ticket, and no news anywhere on the forums. Should I be surprised?..........
  • wraithmeister
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    Ditto...I got 8k today and should have received 12k.
  • scotty74321
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    Raised a ticket on this putting my mug on the list as having noticed this over the 23rd to 25 January
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  • xenovita
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    I came here to report this as well. Capped at 8k.
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  • goldenavariel
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    I came to report as well and have the logs to prove it. I don't bother with tickets anymore. It's not like they'll do anything about it.
  • tzeldan52#6720
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    Disappointing but typical response from Cryptic when they break something. How many times has this Dilithium reward bug happened?
  • swamarian
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    I'm also stuck at 8k.
  • wraithmeister
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    Does Cryptic read all the posts in the bug forum?

    even if not fixing it now (and dont expect to with new season out tomorrow) they should at least acknowledge it, i.e.
    "we are aware of the issue and will work to resolve this before the next dilithium event"

    rather than just giving silence and impression they are ignoring the issue.
  • rulauk
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    I also bought out the event and I had the same issue with only getting 8000k dilith each time i ran the event after the buy out. Currently STO owes me only 6000D because i stopped running the event after the 11000D reward wasnt granted properly. I was also told that i couldnt keep adding a new support ticket until the original one was closed... so hurry up STO and pay me so we can get this closed.
  • tbwsto#8925
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    Just to report back, I did eventually receive all the dilithium I was owed on each character I'd run the mission on. Thanks PWE.
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