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To Hell With Honor claim/reclaim missing.

I completed the event on the last day, but as it was late, and I did not want the character I was playing at the moment to receive the prize I logged out and went to bed. The next day I logged in after the patch and all mention of the event was gone. There was no tab for the event, nor any way to claim, reclaim, or buyout the event prizes. I mentioned the issue in chat and was told that this had happened with previous events as well, but the tab eventually came back with a subsequent patch. We are supposed to have a period of time following the event to claim or buyout the prize if one is short on progress, but there is just nothing referencing "To Hell With Honor" except the block in the event campaign saying the event had ended.

We have always had at least a couple of months to buyout after an event had ended, not sure why that's not possible here.


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