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Finally back Online & Back On My Favorite Game

Just wanted to apologize to everyone for being gone so long and to say that I'm finally back and looking forward to what may be new in STO! I'm a bit of an emotional wreck after what has happened to me so can't wait to sign on and start blowing stuff up!, lol.

Was having trouble with Arc not starting when all this happened tho so, oh well, we'll see. See you in game!! The "Raptor Star" is back!!


  • bcstarbcstar Member Posts: 300 Arc User
    Welcome back! Enjoy the fun

    "bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'"

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  • keepcalmchiveonkeepcalmchiveon Member Posts: 3,316 Arc User
    Welcome back. Join the club of long time away. I was out for about 4 years. Would log in like once every few months but never did anything.
    Lots and lots of new stuff. I'm still playing catch up to many.

    Have fun.

  • tribbulatertribbulater Member Posts: 249 Arc User
    Glad to hear it, welcome back, come on in, the vacuum's fine!
  • lordmerc22lordmerc22 Member Posts: 776 Arc User
    Welcome back to the game. I dont know the nature of problems you faced but everything usually comes in line after sometime, and hey, games like STO help forget RL problems at times and get a bit of positivity
  • Problem was Boyfriend moved me into a basement apartment so no internet for 6 months. Yes, it took me that long to get a sympathetic AT&T tech to run me a cable down here and also it took me breaking up with Boyfriend whom I really loved (still do) who didn't understand my addiction to gaming. So it was 6 months no internet and I'm an emotional wreck. That's basically it in a nutshell.
  • I'm just happy to be back online
  • lordmerc22lordmerc22 Member Posts: 776 Arc User
    No worries, everything works out well in the end. Gaming is a hobby and among partners at least there should be some understand that everyone has their own hobbies. That said it may fix itself in time too - its the nature of relations that nothing is really easy
  • Thank you for your comment and understanding. I hope your right. We still live in the same apartment just different rooms. I do really love this guy even tho he's kinda old school.
  • alcyoneserenealcyoneserene Member Posts: 2,374 Arc User
    You say you still love your boyfriend but he's unsympathetic to you having time or the means for yourself to do what you enjoy, so be sure to know how he really feels towards you. Gaming is just a hobby, everything in it minus memories of the past, some unique skills, and maybe some friends, will be erased. A good relationship can be forever and always fulfilling. Gaming addiction is destructive or often a cover to not work through difficult circumstances if that's at all possible. Talking about relationship difficulties in a gaming group when the topic is gaming may not give fair feedback. Just some things to consider. Good luck.
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  • annemarie30annemarie30 Member Posts: 2,127 Arc User
    and just because you are back, you get to re-spec your toons
    We Want Vic Fontaine
  • I'm an ex Pilot and ex DOD & a Law school Grad too. He was a Butcher. I can talk about those former aspects of my life and they don't seem to bother him. But if I talk about getting him a cell phone or am talking to someone on mine or mention my love for gaming it raises a sore subject in him. His not having a cell phone has already caused us several problems and cost me a lot of gas money (I drive a 10 cylinder truck). He's very old school when it comes to technology.

    I only use the word "Addiction" with reference to my gaming in a loving way Just FYI :)
  • peterconnorfirstpeterconnorfirst Member Posts: 6,210 Arc User
    Welcome back ma'am!

    Now get back to grind Capain. >:)
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    felisean wrote: »
    teamwork to reach a goal is awesome and highly appreciated
    Bring it on
    coldnapalm wrote: »
    wishful thinking is not really a reliable source
  • Thank you, I sure will. Looking forward to it! :)
  • truewarpertruewarper Member Posts: 869 Arc User
    Thank you, I sure will. Looking forward to it! :)

    The stars awaits you... B)
    SPACE---The Last and Great Frontier. A 11th-year journey

  • Yes. I felt them calling me the whole six months. I felt the borg trying to assimilate me. I am a Romulan ya know, lol. :)
  • I can't have that happening, lol
  • truewarpertruewarper Member Posts: 869 Arc User
    I can't have that happening, lol

    SPACE---The Last and Great Frontier. A 11th-year journey

  • lol :)
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