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New loadout system?

I like what the article said we've been wanting that for a long time . But there's no mention of the specialization skills. Will that be included also? Need to separate the ground and space skills. Also on the loadout can we be able to delete them? Purchase loadouts our account bound so if you buy seven loadouts and you lose five on one character/ship that means you only have three more available for any other character/ship.


  • pritch#1622 pritch Member Posts: 34 Arc User
    I agree this is a great development, and the persistent visuals also (can I finally say goodbye to the assimilated transwarp impulse blare constantly re-appearing?), but you are spot on about the skills. Tbh as a casual player I've never wanted to change my specialisation every time I get in a different ship as I like to change up often and just get on with it. Making this more targeted to those ships that benefit from the specialisation most would give me more confidence to invest in say, miracle worker spec and ships, as right now on my main character I filled out and ran Intelligence for a while, but then filled out Temporal when I got my first proper sci ship and have just stuck with that since, with unused spec points as I didn't see much point in changing. But if the ship loadout would change the active spec with it, I would be much more invested in trying out other specs, and even purchasing those ships.

    Really hope they will do this - if you have ships designed around specialisations it has to make sense?
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