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Endeavors still bugged?

godseater666godseater666 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
Since last patch i feel my endeavors skills do the opposit of the things they should do.
All Resistances are lowered instead of pushed to better and the Golden Nugget of all is the Radiation Resistance...its now Negative!!!

Now my old chars are more volatile as any new char i create...

And where the heck is the f..n bug report button ingame now...


  • godseater666godseater666 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited November 2020
    Ok, something bigger is wrong...

    If i do an skill reset the shipstats show the right amount of resists...
    After set some personal Traits Space, the amount is lowered into negative! MUCH LOWERED

    For Example from 20% Resistance to -15%!!!! Absolutely NUTS that c R A p...negative Values in that kind of Type is an s t u p i d showstopper...means you pop after undock or what

    EDIT: Especial when you look into ship stats, some Modificators arent count in my case.
    I have Shield Hardenes at zero from Skills...but have 8% Shield Hardenes from Endeavors...in Stats still at ZERO ^^ means you still didnt have any shield hardenes....cool, for what i do Endeavors exactly?
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