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Event Campign II

emeraldeonemeraldeon Member Posts: 2 Arc User
Hey all, returning after a looooong break from the game and I'm just looking for some help understanding the current event and how to participate. I can see the progress bar and the events I should be doing to progress it but they all say "ended"? I'm really confused as to what this means or what I'm supposed to do here. Thanks for any help :)


  • saber1973asaber1973a Member Posts: 1,218 Arc User
    edited November 2020
    The campaign progress is through doing multiple events, but the last one for this campaign ended some time ago, all the included events for this one ended some time ago, it's just the campaign info that was not updated.
    The current Red alert event is not a part of the last campaign... it's separate event.
  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 5,269 Arc User
    The "Event Campaign" was a group of smaller events - in this case four three-week-long events. Each event also had the traditional 14-day project, but when earning daily progress, you also earned progress toward the Event Campaign reward, which was - in this case - a 56-day project.

    (I mention "in this case" because the numbers were different for the first Event Campaign.)

    It confused a lot of people because the events did not run back to back, and some other events - such as the Summer Event - took place in between but were not part of the Event Campaign.

    However as Saber mentioned, all four of the campaign's events have now ended.
  • emeraldeonemeraldeon Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Ah I see ^_^ thank you for clarifying that.
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