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Mine Explosion radius seems to be broken both the inbuilt radius and radius mod

pottsey5gpottsey5g Member Posts: 3,339 Arc User
edited May 2019 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Quantum mines are meant to have by the old patch notes

“Quantum Mines
•Increased flight speed from 25 to 45
•Increased explosion triggering distance from 0.4km to 0.7km.
•Increased explosion radius on Detonation from 1.0km to 1.5k”

But I was testing

Elite Dranuur Quantum mod Radius x3
Advanced Fleet Quantum
Modulating Competition Quantum
Thoron Infused Quantum

None of them had an explosion radius over 1.0km and the Elite Dranuur Quantum Radius x3 which should have a 3.0km explosion radius only had 1km.

What we did was have 4 people in PVP. 1 person 5km from me. Another ship 1km back and another ship further back. We fired single volleys and tested range without moving.

Nothing hit over 1km. Without moving I them swapped in Bio Photon with x2 Radius which hit.

It looks like Quantum’s have lost the inbuilt extra explosion radius and on top of that the Radius mod is not working for Quantum’s.

Also given that different mines have different radius ranges and different speeds/different detonation ranges could we have that added into the item info in the same area as tracking range?


  • pottsey5gpottsey5g Member Posts: 3,339 Arc User
    I used the new in game item problem section that replaces the old bug report and was told to repost here. This bug is still ongoing.
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