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Liberated Borg BOff on Exchange

Where is this from? I'd prefer to save ZEN for ships. Account unlock doesn't matter to me as i only want one anyway.



  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,462 Arc User
    Lobi Store.
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  • mystarlite#1876 mystarlite Member Posts: 93 Arc User

    Sorry, my picture disappeared. I am referring to the Liberated Borg Tactical Officer (Reman). The Lobi one is the Romulan Science. Was this an old Lobi item? If so, i couldn't find any information on it being available there, only ZEN STORE and Legacy pack.
  • maniac20#5251 maniac20 Member Posts: 241 Arc User
    edited October 2020
    That is the Zen Store one for Romulans and which means it is before the store ones were made bound to character when they were turned into account-wide unlock and once purchased it is always available.
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