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Suggestions for updating Reputations

ghost2448ghost2448 Member Posts: 78 Arc User
Once you reach tier 6 after the hard long slog of going from tier 5 to 6, you can get an upgrade on the traits for that reputation, fleet module, vanity shield and a retrain token.

Not forgetting the one-off gear discount which is account wide per reputation.

Once you have completed those projects, unless you you want to get some kit for one of the other crewmembers, there is very little you can do and I do think having spent a fortune of reputation marks, dilithium and EC that there should be something a bit more worthwhile in reaching tier 6 taking into account that dilithium has been removed from the Admiralty projects.

Therefore I would like to suggest the following in addition to what has been provided previously, I would suggest the following updates:

* Each time you complete a reputation onto tier 6, you are automatically given a set amount of Dil, EC and a box of reputation marks so if you want you can use those marks on another reputation if you wish to assist in increasing that level of reputation which should assist in reducing the amount of time in getting Tier 6 completed.
* That the weapons for the reputations can be converted to salvage or after a certain amount have been traded for a reputation mark box, say every 3 you get a 50 mark box of reputations.
* That each time you complete a Tier 6 on a character the amount required to complete another Tier 6 account wide is reduced.
* That players are rewarded in getting a number of tier 6s completed on the same character to get perhaps a Tier 6 ship voucher as an example?
* Also, that players are rewarded, say every 5, Tier 6 completions across an account, they can get some Dil, EC, Lobi upto getting a ship bundle either discounted or free?

Just my thoughts, anyone got any other ideas to add?


  • I think that the reputation system should be account wide. Not going to lie, having to grind reputation for every single character is a pain. I think an alternative that would be nice is to instead make the reputation grind x10 (You can apparently have up to 50 characters) and reward players who have grinded the old system by not making them do it again. They could even add the experience combined on all of their characters towards their account based reputation grind. I want to have multiple characters in the game, but I am demotivated to do so because of these reputation grinds. I can handle not having most of my T6 ships being unavailable to alternate characters ie Liberated Borg Command Juggernaut, but having to grind reputation for multiple characters is a drain and takes the fun out of it.
  • fred26291#2759 fred26291 Member Posts: 1,011 Arc User
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  • borg0vermindborg0vermind Member Posts: 489 Arc User
    Dil at T6 would help a new character, indeed. But I'd give some lobi at T6 instead.
    Extra sponsorship ... not really sure. I'm fine with the current interval. You can get all marks very easy now so all you have to do is enter daily and do some clicks - and this is the part I'd automate: auto-level up the rep until max tier option.
    To explain, enable auto-up: the 20h rep project is automatically started every 20 hours if you have the resources. That will reduce the total time to reach max rep by 1/6th for most players that do have the res to do this.
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