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Constant server disconnect when switching chars?

stormwind81#1860 stormwind81 Member Posts: 34 Arc User
Is there anything you can do to prevent constant server and client disconnect when switching characters?

For me its always when I switch to a different character the server disconnects me and I have to type in my password again, login and then click the character AGAIN!. Every single time!
g its annoying.
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  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 3,636 Arc User
    Only thing you can do your side is to try using one of the Proxy options. As for Cryptic, they're supposed to be trying some things coming early next month to try to reduce the lag issues most people seem to have.
  • meimeitoomeimeitoo Member Posts: 12,594 Arc User
    edited September 2020
    I am having constant login problems, of late. Redirecting, and then timing out, after all. It's getting ridiculous.
  • saurializardsaurializard Member Posts: 4,390 Arc User
    "Playing" the To Hell with Honor TFO is always "fun" when this happens. I tried to go through the whole thing instead of quitting near immediately once, seeing my poor ship having a seizure or bumping into the ground or even the limits of the map despite having dropped the impulse speed to zero one minute ago, going to an objective only to reach it after it was completed... along with the next one. And that's when you don't spend 3 minutes looking at the 40% in the loading screen.

    "Good" times.
  • aboundedorc0#8479 aboundedorc0 Member Posts: 109 Arc User
    edited September 2020
    I'm on console and this type of thing was bugging me for months. I attributed it to the devs working from home in the pandemic and tried every possible fix that I could imagine, even as the constant server and client disconnects when switching characters, or between accounts (I have two memberships on console) or when entering a queue drove me nuts with irritation.

    Finally, I did something that I hadn't considered and whenever I turned on my console, rather than click on the STO app, I entered Arc and then began STO from there. Almost immediately the majority of this type of thing genuinely stopped for me, and while I'm not saying that buggy stuff or rubberbanding isn't still occurring, frankly doing this pretty much alleviated the nuisancy type of stuff for the most part. Give it a try!
  • seaofsorrowsseaofsorrows Member Posts: 10,918 Arc User
    If you're on PC you can try turning off 'On Demand Patching' in the launcher. This will let you download all of the game assets at one time instead of downloading them on map transfer. Sometimes that can fix this issue. Otherwise, Proxy isn't a bad idea.
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  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 5,453 Arc User
    edited September 2020
    Don't forget after turning off On Demand Patching, to turn on Force Verify and then Save in the Options section of the launcher.
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  • seaofsorrowsseaofsorrows Member Posts: 10,918 Arc User
    Force Verify might take a while, you can do it if you believe you might have a corrupt file somewhere, but it’s not necessary.
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