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Drozana station mission

lizharperlizharper Member Posts: 17 Arc User
I am aware of changes, but, I've returned to the game not to long ago and wondered as to why a few of the missions have been change? One of which was the mission on Drozana station? I loved those missions from start to finish? Now I wonder how I can get the mission?

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  • lizharperlizharper Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    figured. Do more for the buck and next thing you tell me that arc gaming is run by the Veteran Affairs. Hurry up and wait for it. But thanks Tom of the answer...now if I can only find those darn droids...
  • ulmanchunulmanchun Member Posts: 82 Arc User
    Well they removed the kuvah'magh story arc and yes the three episode arc had a bad flow and can be shorten to maybe to one long episode instead of 3 episodes. i wish they brought it back and not lost in the void. If they could they should keep most of it without the breaks like it made no sense for city of yesterday part 1 and 2 or whatever it was called. should be straight shot since most of the time wasted was traveling down the map to fight waves of enemies. cut short some of the space battle. keep Spock - Nimoy guest spot because it was his voice work that push the game forward in the beginning. Losing his voice work in the game is kinda sad it like taking out Nog - Eisenberg out of the delta episodes and later episodes. You can't replace those actors voices because they were those roles plus they spoke to your character. We will always remember and replay those missions.
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