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Why the task for K-13 Holdings supplying boff candidates not working?

I assumed this requirement was to be filled from character's resource called "Bridge Officer Candidates"
Not working! I have 15 candidates of various disciplines in that storage. What is the key selection process? Do the candidates have to purchased from a certain source?

Love to complete K-13 some day soon.

Best Answer


  • mainamaina Member Posts: 428 Arc User
    I'm fairly certain, (can't look in game, but STOWiki also supports) that they require DOFFs not bridge officers. White Quality Doffs from their respective branch or just in general. Want to say 100% certain, but I'll play it safe.
  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 8,924 Arc User
    edited September 2020
    Yes, all the fleet projects that I can remember do require white quality duty officers, NOT bridge officers.

    By the way, you can "grind down" a green quality doff into 3 white quality doffs at the personnel officer who offers the recruitment missions. It's the third menu item, ... exchange officers?

    On the exchange it can be cheaper to buy one green than 3 white. You can even make credits doing (buy green, grind down, sell whites) it's just a lot of work.
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