Temporal Operations Division

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Temporal Operations Division was created by five players that didn't know each other but had the same goals in mind: Make new friends and enjoy the game with them. We formed the fleet, because we wanted to make a fleet that was more about making friends and helping one another rather than rush the fleet to just get gear. We're slowly growing past a dozen players and are looking for new and vets alike that would like to make new friends and run content with us! We are building the holdings up and just wish for all to do what they can to help build the fleet. Most important to us is that Real Life comes first and there is no rushing or pressure from fleetmates to contribute. Come join us today and enjoy Sto with some new friends!


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    Hey, I'm a newish player looking for a small fleet to join so I can get in on the ground level. I accepted a random invite (and quickly left) invite but wasn't happy with the idea of joining a large fleet that I didn't help contribute to building, much rather help build up a small one. I would love to know more about your fleet if I sound like someone your interested in.