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Same duty officers for kdf and fed

Hi, I wish that the same duty officers could be used for both sides, because there are far fewer players on the kdf side and getting a certain dutty officer becomes impossible, for example I want to get the duty officer borg 40 of 47 and the fed It is for 9 million on the exchange and the kdf is not or if it appears it is at very high prices such as 50 or 100 million and unbalances the cost of equipping between the sides

thanks, and sorry for my bad english



  • rattler2rattler2 Member Posts: 55,672 Community Moderator
    Unfortunately you already said the reason why. Population. Everything KDF exclusive is higher due to lower player count vs Fed side. Even a lobi store outfit on the exchange. Fed Kelvin Uniform probably 50 mil. KDF Kelvin uniform closer to 70 or more. Same problem the Romulans face with faction specific stuff.

    Supply and Demand.
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  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 4,295 Arc User
    Not everything though. Regular doffs are much cheaper for KDF and Romulan for instance, probably because they do not have a bot constantly buying up everything below an arbitrary price level and immediately reposting them at a higher price above that "floor" keeping Fed doff prices artificially inflated. It is only the extremely useful and rare doffs up in the multi-millions range where the population difference impacts the price.
  • spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 3,611 Arc User
    And making all boffs universal (aka usable with all factions) might not solve the issue either, since there's some minor differences in the boff needs between factions so it mean that the desirable klink boffs see a minor drop but nothing signifigant.

    Also if the boff in question doesn't auto equip and is not faction locked then you should be able to either mail it to from your fed toon to your KDF toon or transfer it via account bank. I've done it plenty of times.
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