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Mine Enemy mission bug

maocomemmaocomem Member Posts: 6 Arc User
Digging for Answers section. I chose to do the Get Commander Janek's Access Code optional quest, and it seems to be stuck here where after I defeat her (talking is not an option it seems), her character name turns blue but no option to talk. I have tried aborting the mission and returning -- it didn't work. Logged out and exited STO. The next time I logged in, the Digging for Answers section restarted at the beginning of the mine. I think the issue occurs when either you try to talk to Janek while she's moving or Janek automatically first attacks you or you attack her first.


  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 1,925 Arc User
    She turns blue but cannot be spoken with until all the enemies nearby have been dealt with -- they have a tendency to get hidden in the nooks and crannies of that prison room too, so check everywhere.
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