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Fragment of AI Tech - Space trait - Does it change your meta/your experience in any way?

This bug still occurs, to begin with. (The trait provides a 5.1-5.3% bonus, regardless of your Ctrlx)


Also I've seen that for some toons, the bonus is like Cat2, for others it's simply like cat1.

Perhaps it needs to be looked at, since it has great potential, it is partially broken and could be fixed quite fast. I'm positive it's a formula mistake and a tooltip mistake.

Do you use it? Does it also impact you guys?


  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 3,353 Arc User
    If it starts working and gives +30% Category 1 with 300 or more Control Expertise, it could be nice on DEWSci builds, but it may not be enough to warrant a Personal Space Trait with all the other things competing for your 9 or 10 slots, at least not on its own.

    The Starship Trait in this box, Onboard Dilithium Recrystallizer, might change AI Tech's value: "Activating an Engineering Bridge Officer Ability adds Power to whichever Subsystem has the least Power for a short duration. Then, for each non-Weapon Subsystem at maximum Power, the ship gains Bonus Damage for a moderate duration. Only the largest Bonus Damage applies if this triggers more than once." For one subsystem, it's 10% Category 2 All damage.

    By swapping my Vanguard Carrier from Max Weapons and rest in Aux, to Max Aux, rest in Weapons, (engines and shields at 15) and minor consoles changes to hit 130 Aux plus the above trait, I had a decent gain in EPG based abilities and a minor loss in Energy Weapon damage. Not sure if it fully evened out with gain versus loss, but close. With another 30% Category 1 Weapon damage, it would be very close to having Energy Weapon damage being the same as with 125 Weapon power. Also, pending the blog is correct, and it gives extra Control Expertise that the current tooltip doesn't list, extra Control Expertise would be handy as I normally go more for EPG than Control Expertise, so bigger Gravity Wells.
  • foppotee#4552 foppotee Member Posts: 1,702 Arc User
    I'd just be impressed if Cryptic would test these items before release making sure they function properly & when a couple, hopefully like this trait, slip through the quality assurance cracks they get acknowledged & fixed.

    As it is this Fragment of AI Tech does indeed seem broke.
  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,456 Arc User
    Fix in for tomorrow.
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  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 3,353 Arc User
    Seems to be working now, 0.1% Category 1 per Control Expertise point, gives +50 Control Expertise. Works out about how I thought on my configuration with Mk XV energy weapons and limited Energy Weapon buffs from consoles (25% Phaser, 2x Disco rep Belum all beam damage consoles), with 106 weapon power and that trait it's a bit behind 125 weapon power without, add in the Starship Trait, and 106 weapon power with both traits exceeds 125 weapon power without either, going by tooltips.

    Another thought on it: Since it should buff all energy damage, it should buff the Proton weapons on the Dyson Science Destroyers, as well as potentially the Wingmen of the Vanguard Carrier. Not huge again, but few things boost the DSD cannons, and if you're running a non-Polaron weapon boosts normally, Wingmen could gain a boost they wouldn't normally have.

    Still, very hard to find a Personal Space Trait to remove to slot it in with all the competition for those slots, and I don't think it quite equals what a EPG-Torpedo build can put out, particularly if you've got the Starship Trait: Ceaseless Momentum. Nice if you want to run an DEWSci build, but not a must-have in my book.
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