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CD bugs getting worse

predconpredcon Member Posts: 477 Arc User
Bugs involving cooldowns where none should be are spreading. Now I've got cooldowns that appear on ground weapon slots, so I can't fire the primary fire of a weapons until the two minute timer goes away. The timer is persistent as well, meaning no matter how many items i swap on that slot, it's always counting down and doesn't reset.


  • predconpredcon Member Posts: 477 Arc User
    Seriously, there's a two-hour cooldown on Lobi crystals.
  • cincyman39cincyman39 Member Posts: 166 Arc User
    yep bugs getting really bad just got a leave penalty for the new event we got 19 transports but no.20 was a no show spent 10 minutes trying to find it two teammates left before me . Tell me again why I should spend money on this TRIBBLE??
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