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PSA: Don't claim 'free' Bridge Officers if you have a Zen Balance.

seaofsorrowsseaofsorrows Member Posts: 9,896 Arc User
There seems to be a bug with the bridge officers that were unlocked account wide in the Zen Store.

Basically, the Officers can't be claimed because even though they're unlocked.. it tells you that you don't have enough Zen. Source Thread.

However, there this bug can create a big problem if you actually have a Zen Balance as claiming your 'free' account wide Bridge Officers takes your Zen! Source Thread.

Another thread here.

Support can restore your Zen if this happened to you, but until this is fixed, do not claim these officers if you have Zen banked.
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  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 8,609 Arc User
    Thanks for the warning -- it's much easier to wait than to deal with putting in a ticket.
  • psiameesepsiameese Member Posts: 1,499 Arc User
    Ouch! Good to know. I will wait until I read a patch note that fixes this.
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  • hazanko4077hazanko4077 Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    I noticed this problem but for me it only seem to effect the Liberated Borg Engineer bridge officers.
  • darkbladejkdarkbladejk Member Posts: 2,762 Community Moderator
    edited June 2020
    Given the severity of this one I'm going to leave this thread in this area for now. I'm letting Kael know about this one.

    update: got a quick response on this one. they know about it and it should be hotfixed, or the patch was about to go out. Tell anyone you see who has had the issue to contact support and the zen will be refunded.
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  • corelogikcorelogik Member Posts: 1,037 Arc User
    The Caitian and Fersan Boff's I bought back when I had lvl 65 Caitians and Boff's didnt unlock them for me either. Maybe because I dont have those characters anymore, though it doesnt say "if you have a current cat character" so I dont know.
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  • foppotee#4552 foppotee Member Posts: 1,492 Arc User
    Good to know they're, Cryptic, is on the ball for this one.

    Dang that sounds like it could mess-up an account lol.

    There's so many variables with this change it seems.

    What if I bought BOFFs awhile back & used? What if I bought BOFFs awhile back & haven't used yet? What if the BOFFs I bought are on the Exchange?

    I know I have (2), I think Aenar Requisition Forms, on (1) of my characters I had bought when C-Store had a sale & just hadn't used yet?
  • theanothernametheanothername Member Posts: 1,439 Arc User
    Sounds like a variant of that old bug where I could not add a bridge I bought to a fleet ship I bought since I don't own the lower tier c-store version of said ship. If I would proceed with the customization it would drain the zen to buy the ship I neither need nor want. :/

    Not sure if that is still a thing though; had been a few years since last I tried.
  • seaofsorrowsseaofsorrows Member Posts: 9,896 Arc User
    Hopefully, they get it straightened out by the next patch. I favor anything that moves toward more account wide unlocks, so I am hoping they can get this sorted without too much of an issue.
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  • astroroblaastrorobla Member Posts: 135 Arc User
    Yes, I'm confused over this as well. I've bought Aenar and Catian BOFFS multiple times (but long ago) and they are still on active alts. But the store offered them at the full zen price when I looked (even on the alts that have them).
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  • theanothernametheanothername Member Posts: 1,439 Arc User
    I guess they fixed something. One day I was shown the Borg boff as free to claim the next as one I need to buy *shrug*
  • crm14916crm14916 Member Posts: 1,278 Arc User
    Still not fixed as of 7:00PM MST... Tried to claim an "Available" Ferasan Bridge Officer on a KDF toon and lost 500 Zen...
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  • sirsitsalotsirsitsalot Member Posts: 2,311 Arc User
    It's too hard to fix...
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