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  • shadowfang240shadowfang240 Member Posts: 35,845 Arc User
    This starship features a Commander Science/Intelligence Specialist Bridge Officer seat and a Lieutenant Commander Engineering/Command Specialist Bridge Officer seat.

    Bridge Officer Stations: Ensign Tactical, Lieutenant Commander Tactical, Lieutenant Engineering/Command, Commander Science/Intel, Lieutenant Commander Universal

    guesses on which one is going to be the correct one - probably the latter, since the ship already has 2 Ltc. stations listed​​
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  • voodoopokeyvoodoopokey Member Posts: 216 Arc User
    I'm disappointed that the "Sentry Mode" is a console rather than being an inherent ability of the ship like the Section 31 battleship's "Swarm Mode". I suppose I envisioned it involving a conversion of the ship from a mobile combat vessel to an unmoving enhanced combat platform with the tradeoff being movement for firepower and without a limited duration or a subsequent 2 minute cooldown.

    Most of all, letting other ships simply co-opt the sentry mode seems... wrong, as it was the ships themselves that were designed to convert into weapon platforms and link up in a variably-sized network. The ships literally transform themselves to do it.. in *most* cases (not all, obviously.. though most exceptions are summons) ships that change shape when changing modes have an inherent toggle rather than using a console and clogging up a console slot in the process.

    The Ba'ul Sentry ship is really the sort of ship that belonged in the Promo boxes, unlike the last few that ended up there. An unusual cross-faction alien ship with unique mechanics, and one that is almost certainly going to be the only ship for that species (I mean, they can make up others, but they're the only relevantly-sized ship the Ba'ul are seen to use in the show).

  • shadowfirefly00shadowfirefly00 Member Posts: 1,006 Arc User
    guesses on which one is going to be the correct one - probably the latter, since the ship already has 2 Ltc. stations listed​​
    The apparent lack of proofreading is just bad form - not only is it sloppy on general principles, but can give people cause to wonder what else is being skimped on.

    Aside from the console ability (which is in some ways similar to the Cheirax') it would be interesting if multiple Ba'ul ships passively buff one another in a manner similar to the Gamma Team Synergies set bonuses. For example, the Sentries might confer +resistances to all Ba'ul ships in the team; frigates (likely to appear in the future) give +turn_rate; et cetera.
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