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xzzzdantezzzxxzzzdantezzzx Member Posts: 6 Arc User
My skills show invalid. When I click retrain the window closes and I cannot redo the skills. The Space, Ground and Active traits do not show a list to the right. I cannot change them because the right window says "There are no ****** Reputation Traits available to enable." I also cannot use specialization points. Please help. This has occurred on 4 different characters. This appears to have affected others as well. I put in a support ticket and I was directed here. Is this being looked investigated? I have 4 characters that are now useless. Please help.


  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,456 Arc User
    I had that happen with a few Characters a few months back. It seemed when I leveled up a Spec Point I couldn't apply it (them) and the regular Skills had a 'Skills Invalid' Warning. Logging out and then back on with that Character cleared the problem..

    It happened more regularly with my Fed-aligned Romulan Delta Recruit but have since had not had that problem in well over a month.
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