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Cannot See Torps When Fired

jangobladesjangoblades Member Posts: 23 Arc User
I have an odd issue where I cannot see my torps fired during battles. The really odd thing is it only happens on one of my characters (Romulan) and it does not matter what ship or torpedo console is used. I am pretty sure they are firing as the timer runs and I can see the larger explosion/dmg from the hits as well as the sound.

Any suggestions as to why or a fix? It really is annoying to not be able to visually confirm a volley.
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  • paladinrja#5247 paladinrja Member Posts: 155 Arc User
    edited May 2020
    Lol! I thpught they just changed the firing cycle to jerk us around.. watch the CD's and you'll see.

    Its like ready-re-re-re-reset, nope ready, hang on RESET -- and heres some crushing burst damage while it resets to be ready.

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  • jangobladesjangoblades Member Posts: 23 Arc User
    Yah I see the problem was they were not actually firing at all on Manual. I put them on Auto and they fire. Manual fire works fine on all my other characters.

    You are correct and I thought I was crazy seeing the Torp timers constantly reset sometimes...it's pretty frustrating trying to time attacks when the counter seems so random.
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