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Vulcan ships for tactical and engineering captains

hylarionstar80hylarionstar80 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
I believe it's time for a T6 Vulcan Combat Cruiser and T6 Multiple Purpose Cruiser instead of Science focused one!
Don't mad at me Science Captains;You may also ask for a T6 D'kyr!🤔😀


  • foxrockssocksfoxrockssocks Member Posts: 2,482 Arc User
    Any captain can fly any ship. It would be better just to ask for tac/eng focused ships, because the captain is irrelevant.
  • oclosoclos Member Posts: 35 Arc User
    So, since you seem to be Vulcan oriented, why don't you ask for one? What is this "instead of" have to do with anything? In Star Trek canon and lore is important. At least to those ones of us that were raised watching the series almost religiously. You will rub a lot of people the wrong way if you seem to be partial to a certain expertise disregarding those elements, and it seems you may also be asking for it considering what you typed. It is overdue to have Vulkan T6 ships that aren't insect sized, period(no offense to the Kelvin timeline and the Discovery scout, that should have been great as scouts or shuttles or as a base for new, Cryptic designs on). It doesn't matter if they're science, engi or tactical, I'd fly them if they were canon based and respectful, cause we have nothing but the D'kyr and by necessity the Ryn'Kodan one painted red(which is just a workaround that doesn't always work satisfactory with RP).

    But obviously they could make a pack out of them, like with the Odysseys, the Legendary Versions, the Pathfinders, the Cardassian ones etc.
    Adm. Necheyev didn't own ANY Starfleet ships. Starfleet did. Also she didn't make one bolt, connect a single wire, gelpack or device, or otherwise helped on making them. I find it presumptuous she claimed it was HER ships. In fact saying as much would probably warranty a reprimand from any of her superiors in Federation and possibly not participating in said actions as other superior personnel do, would in our days(2409 onwards) result in herself facing the same fate as what she has threatened, in that same penal colony.
  • lianthelialianthelia Member Posts: 7,704 Arc User
    I'd like to see the Carrier that the schematic was shown for in Enterprise, why not? We have the Dauntless and Warship Voyager...why not the Carrier?
  • baudlbaudl Member Posts: 4,048 Arc User
    this game has seriously neglected Vulcan ship designs...I mean I can literally fly ships that have been on screen for 20 frames in an obscure episode of Voyager, yet can only choose from a single Vulcan design, and that is not even a T6.
    Go pro or go home
  • scififan78scififan78 Member Posts: 1,383 Arc User
    Vahklas for Vulcan escort and Sh'ran for Vulcan cruiser. This was a missed opportunity for Cryptic when they first made the D'Kyr.
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