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  • pauli#1939
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    If the choices are 1, 2, 3, and 4, my vote is yes.

    I like them all, but I'm really digging the open dome thing on 2.
  • toakodan
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    I was torn between 1 and 3, but I went with 1 because we need more Federation event ships. Its always been Breen, Risian or Vorgon!
  • jkerry
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    I'm like #1, nice and sleek. I'd like #2 if the buldgr in front wasn't so pronounced.
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  • mike6284
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    The drawing streams are over, and now it's time to cast your vote! Which of these four designs do you want to be the 2020 Summer Ship in Star Trek Online?

    I'd like to see option 4 as it reminds me of both of Captain Proton and the Nautilus which makes it kind of ideal for Risa
  • dazzla85dk
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    I don't care wich ship wins, as long as i can get the remaining 3 as a bundle o:)
  • sthe91
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    I had a tough time voting. I voted for #1 but was torn between that one and the last one that looks like a fish.
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  • ricosakara
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    My vote is #2 - I love that large bio-dome!
  • markhawkman
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    duasyn wrote: »
    No.1: Reminds me of the hydrofoil from an old cartoon... Godzilla? Google search... Damn my brain is full of useless junk. :D

    No.2: Interesting... fits with the party cruiser motif. But seems WAY too big if that's a freaking mountain in there!

    No.3: Hang-gliding frog with googly eyes? Sorry, that's just what I see.

    No.4: Mechanical Space Whale. Benthan globe things or 'outside' recreation areas on top?

    I choose No.1. It's got a sleekness that works even with the hydrofoil things on the sides.
    (Honestly, I'd have been happy with a T6 version of the Party Cruiser.)
    You forgot that Godzilla has a mechanical whale. :p
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  • a3001
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    Btw, the "VOTE HERE!" button does not work on the other page. Not sure if that was supposed to lead somewhere or to a poll.

    Getting the same thing, vote here button is just text and not a link. Btw, voting for #2
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  • kaggert27
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    Posting what I put in another thread, since there are like 4-5 threads in the General Discussion now all over the 4 ships...

    #1 has basically Hydrofoil look to it, but feels too much like the Jupiter Carrier, it screams cruiser. Technically could consider it an Atmospheric glider (for like Nebula, Gas Giants, Ocean world surfaces). But doesn't scream Sci-vessel to me from the only angle I'm given in the photo. (stream makes it still feel like a cruiser) But comes off Risan in terms of angles/curves.

    #2 Feel like that should be an "Alliance" vessel done with the Lukari/Kentari and attached to a fleet project unlock added to the game, requiring Colony world+Research+Spire+Fleet Starbase projects(and maybe even Embassy and Dilithium Mine for sake of it in form of lowering costs of the others/let alone fleet member cost on acquiring it!). It looks like it has a Space Biome Dome for maybe doing research of specific planetary environments that they don't want to disturb during some say ruins of a civilization, or group of subjects/species that they want to get to breed to be more populous from some cataclysmic event... , additional groups when applying a vaccine(strangely not thought of this because of current events...) to some disease the planet has, so a controlled environment that they BEAM IN a Large swath of the land, and throw some test subjects in a controlled environment---lets say the dome has holoemitters and sensors for observation.

    For sake of the matter why I say of Alliance= Romulan's build big things, plus holographic tech, and this feels like a big ship visually; Klingons did weapon systems and defensive plating; Feds did the Shields/Warp Core/Warp Engines; Lukari/Kentari, the Dome, ship Sensors...This also means we get the Alliance Battlecruiser ship material for another ship, maybe even console set now...As the dome could also house hostile environmental things, so technically could have a console/inante ability of "Vent Dome Environment" for combat effects-Cold(damage and recharge disruption)/Plasma (Slow and burn damage) /Electrical (damage and drain, with chance to chain) /Atmosphere(Gas/Visual sensor disruption/confuse torps-mines)/or even Exotic Matter (Physical damage, -5% outgoing damage and damage resistance). Console passive for 7% bridge officer cooldown, and + 15% photonic, Feedback Pulse boff abilities?

    #3 Feels like and looks like an Advanced Warning And Control System (AWACS) ship. (I mean with two weather/sensor domes, sensor wings, sensor bar, and deflectors...maybe take those two wings and extend them out double what they are now?, like a Glider. And angle the domes like 45º port/starboard and larger, stream also showed a vertical spike thing on lower hull, do that.) Make it a Risan-Kobali-Alliance Ship, it has similar angular edges for some stuff. Think of it this way, the Risan Way of Life is similar to Kobali in acceptance as in giving to those that become one with them.

    The Kobali are hated by many, but Risans welcome all, so seeing them as kindred spirits somewhat distance away leads to helping develop a ship that takes advantage of Risan waveform tech and Kobali have a term for waveforms "Vyk'tiote : "Crumpled dance". Literal translation of a certain kind of wave phenomenon."-per wiki. Console: some sort of carrier wave disruption AoE with a Confuse ability to match visual style and name it Vyk'tiote Crumpled Dance Wave, 100% confusion to Fighters/Mines/Torps, 50% to non-countered Ships, lowers -30% accuracy of enemies present against you for 5 seconds per "Wave" for 15 seconds, passive +20% accuracy, +60% EPS system, +7.5 Aux Power, +15% Defense)

    #4, Space Whale, Feels like Risan-Xindi mix, specific for Gas Giant, and Ocean diver. With Sensor Domes, has the SeaQuest/20,000 Leagues Under the Sea look kinda. It is extremely organic curves and stuff is not like how most Risan things have been shown to us.

    So I'm conflicted to the summer ship, I want to say #3 makes the most sense from a design standpoint from in my head of what the abilities/sci-vessel are. Like #2, but think it is too...interesting in my head for a summer ship, I honestly think it should be a multi-fleet holding project to unlock. #1 and #4 are great for a number of simple reasons, but hard to pick. (also I guess the two consoles I listed are sort of interchangeable...maybe rename some stuff...idk)
  • predcon
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    I like Christian's, it looks a lot like what I thought the Risian cruiser was going to be. Especially with the rumors going around that there would be a micro Risa biome inside where you could wear your swim stuff and all.
  • foppotee#4552
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    Dang, this is a tougher decision than I thought it would be lol.
  • galacticlore
    galacticlore Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    I had to go with #1.

    It looks long and sleek. Somewhat interesting looking with the "foils".

    #2 was really cool, but the lower front bulge makes it too ugly and ungainly looking. I'd have liked it better if the bulge was lesser, or even if it just tapered to the back more teardrop-like, as opposed to the abrupt taper it has.

    #3 would've been better if it would've had the front bridge piece per the drawing. Without that, the dome things just seem weird and out of place.

    #4 would've probably gotten my vote had it been a little bit sleeker, ala #1. As it is, it's just too...well, fat. Really cool design if it wasn't so very space-whale.
  • giannicampanella
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    Absolutely brilliant & above all, Risian.
  • vetteguy904
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    #1 looks too much like the samsar, so I went with another choice

  • adorkabledori
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    Really? I appreciate the effort, but c'mon geezes. None of them all gets my vote. None of them has something Trek, about it, not from close nor from far. Why don't you simply give us what we are demanding for so long, a Vulcan ship ... besides the Jelly Fish, scout and that lower tier science ship.
  • omega13#2190
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    edited April 2020
    I liked #1. The 1st picture looked liked a Dewan design, and the 2nd picture looked like the kind of ship I could see my captain flying.

    #1. Make it STO!
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  • aelwulf1
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    I give them all credit for having some originality. The first one does seem the most 'Trek' to me, but by the same token I think the Risian event is a good opportunity to move away from the typical Federation, etc. designs.

    I liked them all for one reason or another, but voted for #2. Yeah it's a bit ungainly-looking, but making it sizable enough to warrant that mountain-range dome would make it a rather large/slow ship. Maybe at least one hangar (reasoning that there would be a lot of people coming & going)? Make that dome bit count like it seems to in the drawing and capabilities that should match a larger ship like that and it could be a really nifty non-main fleet ship.

    I would also agree this could present a good opportunity as well for a new ship bundle after the fact including the others not given away. Assuming the price is reasonable for end-result design/capabilities. 1=cruiser (Engineering), 2=large cruiser/carrier (Engineering/Science), 3=Science ship to me, 4=Tactical and/or Battlecruiser. If adding additional factors possibly 1=Command, 2=Miracle Worker, 3=Intel, & 4=Temporal or maybe Pilot if smaller?
  • strathkin
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    avoozuul wrote: »
    3 looks great I hope people vote for it.

    Yea I liked 3 as well, it be great to see a smaller Risa SCI ship perhaps a Pilot Craft - cause Risians like to go fast...

    I'd certainly give #2 as my second choice for sure.
  • meadowvale#0505
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    I'd love to vote for #3 but the link under Vote Here! takes me to "create your own survey" rather than a poll.
  • redwren89
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    1 looks by far the most impressive - a visible frontal deflector, nicec windows - though i'm sure thats because more time went into this design.

    2 looks incredibly sleek, not sure what the dome is about but the extended warp nacelles make it little less risian if anything

    3 great job, it communicates speed, the angular design communicates an offensive remit. If it were prettier, then maybe

    4 another sleek design, it looks like a camel topped whale shark with dove wings. Interesting, though its actually really nice on the eyes.

    Stuck between 1 and 4 guys!

    edit: gotta pick 4 - no idea why 1 has fins when its a space ship.
  • casbyness
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    #4 is amazing, it looks just like a whale! :D
  • redwren89
    redwren89 Member Posts: 257 Arc User
    casbyness wrote: »
    #4 is amazing, it looks just like a whale! :D

    doesn't it just!

    Submarine imposter whale
  • tpolebreaker
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    #2 for sure, and we definitely need multiple different propeller options!
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  • captaincelestial
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    I like the twin domes and solar panel/spoiler, but I think the main part of the ship needs to be sleeker.
  • strathkin
    strathkin Member Posts: 2,655 Bug Hunter
    I like the twin domes and solar panel/spoiler, but I think the main part of the ship needs to be sleeker.

    I think they would certainly polish it up a lot, especially if it wins for sure. I love to see an Event SCI ship that's a lot faster and almost more like a pilot ship given Risa is the theme.
  • toiva
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    Number 2 and 4 are nice. But 2 seems a bit too large for it to be a Risian science ship. 4th is a bit sleeker and thus gets my vote.
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  • psycherz
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    If number two wins it had better get a heck of a custom interior!! lol
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