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Herald Gateways - Oblivion, Energy and Solar Flare Gateway

Dear ArcGames,

I would like to ask you about one problem, that I recently encountered. I bought Herald Vonph Dreadnought Carrier T6, Quas Flight Deck Cruiser T6 and Baltim Heavy Raider T6. Those ships have interesting consoles (by the title and description), but they are without effect in the game. I don't know if that is their somehow broken threat generation or just almost non-existing health points of the gateways (especially Oblivion's), but they disappear (or are instantly destroyed after spawn by enemy / random PBAOE / enemy FaW...) in an instant. Most of the time they have not even done single damage to the NPCs.

So at this point Oblivion gateway is completely useless, because it will in 90% not even deal first wave of damage, thus absolutely destroying this console's ability. Also energy gateway will last for like 1 second, before enemy target it (even though i have active threatening stance and i have taken enemy like 50% hp down) and Solar Flare Gateway. This gateway has around 20K HP. Thats not that bad - better than oblivion/energy 4K. But those gateways are just useless.

Can you please do something about it? Like make them untargettable, so that they can do what they have in their description in-game ?? Or like add them some HP and resists to damage, so that they can at least deal one (out of 4 intended) damage effects?? Or just make them invulnerable like other consoles effects -like shot from web cannon from Tarantula T6, plasma storm module from Maquis Raider T6, or just regular skills like Gravity Well...

Thank you for your answer

I hope you are doing fine

Best Regards
Jan Štěpán - Tansej


  • apheex#3641 apheex Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    I made a similar post on reddit a year ago, but I got mixed comments about it.

    I agree that those abilities kinda suck, they are to weak to be used in any one advanced or elite tfo (barely working on normal), vanishing without doing their duty (the only one who works is the Ambush Gateway).
    There's no meaning in using those consoles but if you want to use them, you need to use stun abilities first (i use the EMP Probe and the Polymorphic Probe Array) then summon the Gateways abilities.

    Also if you are using the Vonph keep in mind to use the Carrier commands to target the NPC weapons subsystem so you can have a higher chance for a successful attack.

  • tansejtansej Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    I am using Threatening Stance + Sensor Interference platform + Gravity Well + EMP probes and B:FAW to hit everyone before spawning gateway - so I am trying to disable them + for those who are not to attack my ship. And still. When single AOE from enemy, Warp core breach, their B:FAW or C:SV they destroy the gateway. Because gateways have no resists and have 5K HP.. Thats way too low HP. It would be cool if they would fulfil their purpose written in description..

    And to be honest.. There are far more powerful consoles so it would not make that big buff in PVP.. But these consoles would become at least Useable in PVE - TFOs and in campaign.
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