Discovery Rep CQC Armour Customisation?

So I'm not posting a bug report just yet because I want confirm that this isn't just me being an idiot, but I just unlocked the CQC Armour from the Disco Rep and I can't find any of the armour pieces in the tailor. You are able to customise the CQC Armour, right? I've seen pictures online of people wearing it without the helmet and in different colours, so I'm guessing it's also a tailor unlock. I know the other day I had a facepalm moment when I accidentally got the Maco Task Force impulse engines instead of the Omega Force impulse engines from the Omega Rep. So I'm worried I did the same thing again...

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  • ltminns
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    Seperate item in the Outfit dropdown?

    The Mind Meld Device gives you a new facial attachment in the Head portion of the Tailor.
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    @warmasterxdk#9668 thank you! I'll go do some extra grinding then :)