Picard giveaway no longer available?

Is the Picard Starfleet uniform no longer available? I read somewhere it was available to claim until May. Please let me know if I’m mistaken
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    I think the news blog had a typo and it was available on console until April 3, not May.

    It will probably show up in Mudd's Market at some point, or might even come back for free again someday.
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    I contacted CS about this exact thing, they said it was due to a bug and would be "passed on"... -.- Take from that as you will...
    Fingers crossed for the return of the Section 31 Heavy Rifle <3
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    I did claim it and now can't find it in my tailor options. Unfortunately, since it was zero ZEN and STO provides no proof on the customer side that you ever purchased anything, I had no evidence.
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    The one Riker wore, I think you had to claim it.
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    cylus566 wrote: »
    The one Riker wore, I think you had to claim it.

    Nice necro, this thread is over a year and a half old.

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    away with ye foul zombieness (white lantern ring blast) /necro
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