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suggestion for a new shuttle or t1 ship

I would like to see a new shuttle or T1 ship. For a shuttle i would one of the ships to be the Vulcan warp sled shuttle from the first movie for a T1 ship one of the ships from the orginal series technical manual.


  • seriousdaveseriousdave Member Posts: 2,777 Arc User
    What's the point of a new T1 ship? Not only do you outlevel it in like a couple hours of gameplay they've also become obsolete since T6 ships started being useable right after the turorial.
  • axl187axl187 Member Posts: 11 Arc User
    Because you have to buy a tier 6 ship and you can get plenty for free as you level up.
  • spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 3,598 Arc User
    Well if it's not a starter ship any new ship would be a C-store (or Z-store as they now want it to be called) ship, not a freebie. Also I'm pretty sure the TOS tech manual is essentially out of bounds for Cryptic due to licensing issues.
  • trennantrennan Member Posts: 2,839 Arc User
    As far as shuttles, or small craft go.


    It's been suggested before.
  • oclosoclos Member Posts: 35 Arc User
    I would love to see a refurbished Phoenix or the NX testbed vessels from ENT "First Flight" Episode. That shape is proto Federation and it made so much sense for Starfleet designs to be its derivative, when I saw it(especially them rounded nacelles and gold color). If they can T6 Connies and other ships, they can turn Phoenix Warp vessel into a luxurious scout/shuttle. They could add a little bit of Kal Dano's "bigger on the inside" tech if needed(not too much, as I'd prefer shuttles to remain shuttles and not so much midi-ships).
    Adm. Necheyev didn't own ANY Starfleet ships. Starfleet did. Also she didn't make one bolt, connect a single wire, gelpack or device, or otherwise helped on making them. I find it presumptuous she claimed it was HER ships. In fact saying as much would probably warranty a reprimand from any of her superiors in Federation and possibly not participating in said actions as other superior personnel do, would in our days(2409 onwards) result in herself facing the same fate as what she has threatened, in that same penal colony.
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