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STOs disconnects

Heading into a episode, alert etc etc, you get disconnected suddenly, by the server. No other game I play has sudden discos by the server, ONLY sto, now I have a leaver penalty. I get kicked by your Mego Blox hardware when you should of used Lego, and I get the penalty? Fix your problems in the game.
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  • evilspokevilspok Member Posts: 41 Arc User
    This is my number one pet peeve. Has been for years and years. I'd don't mind the lag, but this is unacceptable. Some maps and TFO's are a 100% guarantee to disconnect for me.
  • dragonturtletimmydragonturtletimmy Member Posts: 32 Arc User
    Getting frequent login server disconnected and server timed out. Sometimes I'm getting connection to server timed out immediately after a character is zoned in. Or starting the game launcher click engage get to the character select screen play is greyed out then after waiting a minute or so get disconnected from login server. Some other times can click play on the character select screen and it does not finish loading the character into the zone only for it to stop mentioning connection to server timed out or disconnect from login server. Sorry frustration bred my messy post.
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