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Failure to receive initial DOFFs on STO

frostedberylfrostedberyl Member Posts: 1 Arc User
On 3/26/2020 I was playing my new happy Discovery origin character and got hailed by everyone's favorite dark furred Caitian at Starfleet Academy saying he has new members for my crew (Duty Officers) and I go there eager for my ship to be less empty. Only when I talk to him, I don't get any DOFFs. So my ship is empty of those young hopefuls. I'm hoping someone out there has suggestions on how to help me please? Or a GM can maybe fix this? I'd be very appreciative!


  • evantine1evantine1 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    I had the same thing happen to me on the 28th. Contacted support/GM. it looks like a bug that they are kicking up to development. no word on what they are going to do for people who didn't get the DOFF's...
  • texasredhawk#6620 texasredhawk Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    I had this same issue a week ago. Was leveling a new character during the double XP weekend, didn't get the Initial Duty Officer Cadre, sent in a GM ticket. The only response I got was that missing out on the initial DOffs didn't matter because "you can still acquire better duty officers by doing assignments, leveling up, purchasing, etc." which was an unacceptable option for me. Had to delete and remake that character to fix the problem.
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