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Where can I go to report someone on here

I've tried reporting through the Xbox but nothing ever seems to happen to this guy. He constantly harasses players especially new players. If they get a ship from a lockbox he blames the developers for making it too easy for new players to get ships. He bad mouths new players for using event ships saying they didn't earn them and they don't deserve to have them. Frankly I'm about fed up with this kids abuse of new players. Several new players that were in my fleet stopped playing the game because of him. He follows them around Earth Space Dock swinging his weapon and badmouthing them. I know we can't name and shame on here, so I won't . But something needs to happen to him. I am glad the developers forced a name change on him, especially since my main character, the character I've had since the game launched on PC and Console he copied my name and people were mistaking me for him. But as a Vulcan I am growing tired of him making us look in ill repute. We are a logical and peaceful race. I have called him out in chat for not putting a lid on his emotions. But the developers should know that he's been badmouthing them as well as new players. He says he is disgusted that new players are pandered to, instead of so called elite players like him. Even though there is a YouTube video out about him, showing how bad he is at the game. I just hate to see new players leave because of 1 abusive player.


  • trennantrennan Member Posts: 2,839 Arc User
    edited March 2020
    Go here it's the game support area, instead of account support. Up top you'll see contact support.


    This will allow you to create a ticket about what's going on. Try to include screenshots, especially ones containing what his doing, with the Time/Date and @handle turned on for chat. Or if it's voice, a recording would be best.

    Also for other that wish to report him for it. Inform them to do the same thing.
  • ksilivingdead7#4383 ksilivingdead7 Member Posts: 7 Arc User
  • bloodyrizbloodyriz Member Posts: 1,756 Arc User
    If they have an event ship, how did they not earn it? Only ways I know of to get event ships (PC here), is doing the event (earned), getting very lucky with a Phoenix (earned IMO), and buying it from Mudd's (earned IRL or through earning lots of dill).​​
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  • rattler2rattler2 Member Posts: 54,805 Community Moderator
    Sounds like whoever this guy is, he's purposefully going out of his way to attack other players for no other reason than to be an A**. There may be a lot of good players out there, but there's always at least one or two like this who feel like they own the game and can dictate who plays and who must be purged.

    Why people decide to behave this way in an MMO I have no idea. Not only that, I have no idea what sets them off either. For all we know just having a particular uniform or character species might set them off.

    I hope this guy gets flattened for this dispicable behavior. Its insulting to the good players actually trying to help others too.
    I can't take it anymore! Could everyone just chill out for two seconds before something CRAZY happens again?!
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  • spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 3,414 Arc User
    Yeah the people described in the OP are what I call "wannabe elitists" they got all the toxic personality traits of an elitist but none of the actual skill.

    While we can't be certain as to what exactly triggers them, I'd guess based on the repesented evidence it would case of the player in question not getting a promo-box ship their thought they had "earned" thus getting upset everytime someone else gets it or something similar.

    Some people seem like they need to learn that Cryptic cannot play favorites in-game and thus Cryptic doesn't care at all about how "elite" you consider yourself, if you win a ship fairly, you've earned it and if you didn't win it fairly it's up to Cryptic to deal with it not players as only way to cheat here is to mess with code of the game client.

    I've been playing since before Delta Rising (May 27 2014 according to the forum profile), so I wouldn't consider myself to be all that new to the game and I've yet to win a single promo-box ship (I got a Walker-class as a gift) and I'm perfect fine with that as I know that Cryptic cannot be truly be playing favorites as that would the most stupid business call they could make.
  • tmassxtmassx Member Posts: 798 Arc User
    Put him in the ignore list. I don't know how else this player could hurt you other than verbally. If someone left a good game just because someone wrote him something bad, then he is really weak. I don't know what he would do f.e. in World of Tanks, where someone insults you every 10 minutes. STO has one of the most friendly communities what i know, even some feddybears give away stuff for free.
  • eazzieeazzie Member Posts: 3,223 Arc User
    Sadly putting this player on ignore won't stop you maybe being in a TFO team with them. If you should find yourself in a TFO with this player do as trennan has described. then submit your screen shots to support. They do take things like this seriously and will act accordingly. Do not retaliate, just ignore their remarks.
  • captainbrian11captainbrian11 Member Posts: 588 Arc User
    IMHO people who purposefully ahrass new players should be hit hard. if you're driving away new players you're killing the game plain and simple.
  • indysharkindyshark Member Posts: 1,488 Arc User
    I have reported a player before and they took action fast! Kudos to Cryptic!
  • section31agent#8506 section31agent Member Posts: 664 Arc User
    The only real effective measure is if Cryptic stepped up and acted on zone chat moderation. There will always be someone out there attempting to harass or cheat someone. The responsibility of the game is to police and remove the lawbreakers. When action is taken the game ought to notify the plaintiff. Disney Pirates of the Caribbean had the most active moderators of any game I've seen. I would like to see more moderators active in the zone chats. "Think Pink"
  • legendarylycan#5411 legendarylycan Member Posts: 36,855 Arc User
    wasn't PotC primarily intended to be for a younger audience? if it was, that's probably why it had such active moderation - children being exposed to the kinds of rubbish you see in PG-13+ games would've caused disney some majorly huge headaches

    or maybe it was just because disney is a company worth hundreds of billions and they can actually afford a huge moderator staff​​
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  • spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 3,414 Arc User
    wasn't PotC primarily intended to be for a younger audience? if it was, that's probably why it had such active moderation - children being exposed to the kinds of rubbish you see in PG-13+ games would've caused disney some majorly huge headaches

    or maybe it was just because disney is a company worth hundreds of billions and they can actually afford a huge moderator staff​​

    I suspect part of that might also be "made by Disney" as they're very serious about their image and the stuff you normally see in MMO chats isn't very in-line with that image.

    That said the problem with more moderation is two fold.

    First more moderators means more money spent in them even if you don't pay the moderators themselves a single cent (or equilevant) you still need to spend money to make sure your got quality moderators. Second issue is matters that are subjective or vague, unless the moderator personally witnesses a certain action all they got is the accusation of another player who may or may not be lying, it shouldn't be big secret as to why this is an issue.
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