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Intel Dreadnought Cruiser

I've noticed 2 (possibly 3) issues with the intel dreadnought.

First problem with the Intel Dreadnought Cruiser is that with any vanity shield, and even without, the windows for the bridge are no longer there, causing me to be able to clearly see straight into a hollowed out hull of a ship.

Second problem with the Intel Dreadnought Cruiser is that with the Section 31 vanity shield, the forward section of the nacelles no longer illuminate nor do the little cannon sphere thingies (I've never really known what I'm looking at there) that are on either side of the deflector. (If there were also red markings on this vanity shield I also have NEVER seen them visible.

Third, I've noticed in many videos that the doors that hide the deflector open and close like double sliding doors. I've noticed mine always stay open, I've never seen them close. I don't know if this is now intended but I am curious if this is normal or not for the ship?


Attempted fixes I've done on my end have been..

1. I have force verified all game files. (Twice)
2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game on 2 different hard drives, putting the game back to the original location.



  • tekayla#2453 tekayla Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Fix to bridge after going into ship customization and changing the appearance type to anything from what it currently was. Nacelle intakes still not illuminated when using Section 31 vanity shield (guessing that's by design?)
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