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why am I getting "VERSION MISMATCH " when I try to log in my CHAMPIONS ONLINE account? please help

goldenslayer5goldenslayer5 Member Posts: 1 Arc User

Can anyone please tell me why I keep getting "VERSION MISMATCH" when I try to log in my Champions Online account ? it was working fine until it did some kind of an update and then I could no longer log in with my regular username and password because it does not recognize it it keeps saying "VERSION MISMATCH" any help would be greatly appreciated . Thank you and God bless :)


  • rndfluctuation#1470 rndfluctuation Member Posts: 813 Arc User
    edited March 2020
    I don't know if it works and if it's the solution, but version mismatch points to the need of force verify which would lead to re-patching.
    (There MIGHT be also involved a previous account linking and then possibly unlinking issue which I can't help with beside suggesting to type the password manually)

    So, as a player in star trek (not a staff member and not a champion online's player) I'd personally recommend going to options (above on launcher), TICK "force verify" and making sure "on-demand patching" is NOT ticked.

    Only then, (IF it's NOT there, type your email/account name and) type your password on the right place (as account linking is no longer a thing/password is now having to be manually typed each time) and only then press "engage" and it will HOPEFULLY start verify your files and a patching process, and will HOPEFULLY log you correctly. [Make sure you login with the right email/account name as well, the right password and that the password was typed manually and accurately on the right keyboard layout/language and that the caps lock key is in the right state.]

    If it doesn't solve the issue I hope you can get professional support, here or by opening a support ticket.

    Good luck :)
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