Missing new romulus reputation t5 rewards

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logged onto some of my alts today and realised that although they had reached t5 in the repuation they had not recieved any of the rewards for it, alt was created back when you had to run secret of the ancients to unlock the rewards before it was automatic grant at t5, double checked they all hav claimed t5 and have unlocked the Quantum Singularity Manipulation trait, i believe problem might hav been due to the characters still having new rom missions in journal before the change to instant reward instead of needing to complete the final mission, tested out running the last mission in the arc to see if it might trigger the reward for some reason unfortunately it didnt.


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    I think it's due to the revamp where the missions you used to run concurrently got split into two separate missions in the mission journal. For instance, you used to be able to run the rep mission for the Mountain Pass at the same time you were running the Mountain Pass mission, but now you have to essentially run the mission twice. Once for the story mission, and the other for the rep mission.
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    ...but now you have to essentially run the mission twice. Once for the story mission, and the other for the rep mission.
    Nope, just press "Skip" and then do both mission at the same time.
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