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Was Ahsoka Anakin's anchor from the Dark Side ?

ryurangerryuranger Member Posts: 451 Arc User
I been re-watching The Clone Wars and I think the reason why Yoda Assigned Ahsoka to be Anakin apprentices is to help him stray from the Dark Side of the Force. I am in the 4th Season now in The Clone Wars and I see many times how Ahsoka brought Anakins out of Anger and kept his Emotions checked. When She Was framed for bombing the Jedi Temple and left the Jedi Order Anakin's Gilt through him over and I think Palpuatine put the visions of Padme Death into Anakin to through him over the Edge what you think?
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  • sevenofnine13141sevenofnine13141 Member Posts: 4,263 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    Definitely seems like it’s that way. Ahsoka I suppose, balanced Anakin out in terms of Force alignment. Remove her from the equation, Anakin’s Force alignment drifted towards the Dark Side, and it was the visions of Padme’s death and attacking Mace Windu in the Chancellor’s Office in defense of Palpatine that put him firmly in the thrall of the Dark Side and thus joining the Order of the Sith.
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  • captainbrian11captainbrian11 Member Posts: 588 Arc User
    She was definatly part of it, Anakin had a number of "moral touchstones" Obi-wan was another ( for Palpatine ideally obi-wan would haved died on dooku's flagship, and instead he had to settle for removing him when he made his move. with Ashoka gone and Obi-wan removed from Courscant, Anakin was at his weakest
  • mirrorchaosmirrorchaos Member Posts: 9,817 Arc User
    Anakin was never that strong against the power of the dark side, it came on frequently with Anakin, even with Obi-wan and Ahsoka there were times it overcame him. Remember the Zygerrian slavers when the Togruta were abducted and he first learned of them from one of them?

    There were other times he was able to control himself but he was just inside the darkside, once with Ventress after Ahsoka was accused of crimes she didn't do, he could of killed Ventress but didn't. Another when during one battle and R2 was abducted by a trandoshian scavenger, he got angry duirng a holocall when the idea of leaving R2 behind was suggested by Obi-wan himself and those were not the only other instances.

    Thing with Anakin is that he had strong attachments, something a Jedi shouldn't have and it was always his problem throughout the series and films.
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  • ryurangerryuranger Member Posts: 451 Arc User
    Yes and I think Yoda was trying to train Anakin that by giving him Ahsoka to Train to over come the Attachments of Guilt in a two parter I just saw today where Ahsoka and a bunch of Young-lings were being hunted for Sport it was her Training from Anakin that saved them and Chewuie too. In the End of the Episode she even told Anakin that she was able to survive because of his Training hinting he is can get less Attach but this Anakin were talking about he is an vary emotional person and that was is downfall but I think if Ahsoka never left the Jedi Order Anakin would have never turned to the Dark side because she was the Anchor that pulls him back he treated Ahsoka like a Sister and he would have killed the chancellor then with Windo if she stayed
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  • jake477jake477 Member Posts: 504 Arc User
    As Guinen would say "she is an echo of the person he once knew". The innocent little Ani in Episode 1 before he lost his mother and his life was turned upside down, replaced with duty and obligations which in Episode 2 almost overwhelmed him. Padme is a mere lust object but Ahsoka is a reminder of where he came from. As Ahoska got older and she began to experience the same hardships as Anakin, that is when he started to turn away from the Light. Seeing Ahsoka as another victim of circumstance probably made Anakin rethink his trust of the Jedi Order and started his transformation into Vader. Something will happen to Ahsoka in this new season of Clone Wars which will push over the edge and not even Pad'me will keep him from falling.

    The only person who did succeed in keeping Vader grounded is Luke who also ultimately saved him, Ahsoka will try but she will fail, and that failure maybe set off a spark which will turn Anakin into the monster known as Darth Vader.
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