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How bad is your Alt-icitis?



  • seaofsorrowsseaofsorrows Member Posts: 10,746 Arc User
    I 'only' have 10 characters, but they're all 'well built.'

    They all have fully completed reputations, at least level 15 in all crafting, and all Epic Gear ship and ground.

    I find that with 10 characters I have enough ability to generate the zen/EC that I need to get the items I want without having to spend money. I could get them a lot faster if I went up to 15-20 and just made some 'grinders,' but I just don't feel like doing that.

    For now, I'm good at 10.. they're all fully playable and I have plenty of resources to continue to adapt as the game changes.
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  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,462 Arc User
    You could use a Joined Trill and lighten the spots.
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  • thelematikerthelematiker Member Posts: 39 Arc User
    Uhm, 35 + 2 in the works. (Hirogen and Undine-Gorn)

    Atleast one of each race (some twice) available without LTS. Mixed between Tactical, Science and Engineering. (So more or less the same amount of each profession)
    A few Alien: Lukari, Hirogen, Vorgon, Kelpian and an Undine-Gorn (saw one Gorn with that Undine Armor and thought it could be a good idea).

    Most are Feds / Fed Aligned (because more races and more ships available at the moment i created them.)
    A few are planned but not sure if I will do them: Breen, Iconian (or better their Herald with that Lobi Armor), Disco Klingon.
    And that Borg Lockbox is also tempting to do something with it...

    To be honest: I think sometimes it´s already too much. No Idea how people are managing their chars with no slots left...
  • phoenixc#0738 phoenixc Member Posts: 3,886 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    ltminns wrote: »
    You could use a Joined Trill and lighten the spots.

    If that is to make a human in the KDF, it is not necessary to go to a purchased race, you can use the "alien" choice in the KDF generator to make humans or TOS style Klingons, they even have the TOS Klingon uniforms for free unlike the other two factions (for TOS you get free ones only for your captain and the boffs you get from the start, to match them with later boffs you have to buy the uniform, and there is no free version of the TOS Romulan uniform at all).
  • legendarylycan#5411 legendarylycan Member Posts: 36,855 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    and aliens are superior anyway, because they get an extra trait slot instead of a rubbish passive (okay granted, the human one isn't THAT bad, but pretty much any of the meta or BiS traits is going to outdo it, even with the weakest among them)​​
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  • dojihajime wrote: »
    So I posted this in a hurry in the Morning before work. As such I didn't answer it myself.

    Currently I have 38 Characters with plans for at least two more [I have 4 open slots]


    DSC- Human, Female, Tactical, Ship Theme - Swords
    DSC - Human, Male, Tactical, Norse Demi-god, Ship Theme - Norse Myths
    DSC - Vulcan, Female, Engineering, None, None
    DSC - Alien [Drow], Female, Science, None, None
    TOS - Vulcan, Female, Tactical, None, Ship Theme - LARP Nations
    TOS - Andoran, Female, Engineering, None, None
    TOS - Human, Female, Science, None, None
    TOS - Tellerite, Male, Tactical, None, None
    FED - Joint Trill, Female, Science, Goth Girl Band/Section 31, None
    FED - Human, Male, Tactical, Firefly, Ship Theme - Mocking Names
    FED - Ferengi, Male, Tactical, Wells/29th Century, None
    FED - Cardasian, Female, Science, Cardasian/Odyssey, None
    FED - Human, Female, Tactical, Game of Thrones, None
    FED - Human, Female, Science, Mirror Universe, None
    FED - Alien [Drow], Female, Engineering, Early DS9, None
    FED - Bajoran, Female, Engineering, Bajoran Militia, None
    FED - Andoran, Female, Tactical, Kelvin Timeline, None
    FED - Human, Female, Tactical, Female Sheppard [Mass Efffect], Ship Theme - Normandy upgrades
    FED - Human, Male, Tactical, STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL Fiction Crew, Ship Theme - Monarch of the UK
    FED - Liberated Borg, Female, Tactical, Star Trek: Enterprise Crew, None
    FED - Caitian, Male, Engineering, Undiscovered Country, Ship Theme - Comic and Cartoon Cats
    FED - Ferengi, Male, Tactical, Female Crew with TOS Mirror Universe uniforms, None
    FED - Vulcan, Female, Science, Vulcan Crew [Mostly], Ship Theme - Female Scientists
    FED - Klingon, Male, Engineering, DS9 Uniforms, Ship Theme - Famous Generals/Warriors
    FED - Human, Male, Tactical, TNG Uniforms, Ship theme - Canadian Army Battles


    FED - Romulan, Female, Tactical, None, None
    FED - Romulan, Female, Engineering, None, None
    KDF - Reman, Male, Tactical, None, None
    KDF - Romulan, Female, Science, None, None

    Klingon Empire

    KDF - Orion, Female, Science, None, None
    KDF - Klingon, Female, Science, None, None
    KDF - Liberated Borg, Female, Engineering, None, None
    KDF - Ferasan, Female, Engineering, None, None
    KDF - Cardasian, Male, Engineering, Dukat's youngest son, None
    KDF - Joined Trill, Female, Tactical, None, Ship Theme - Pirate Ships
    KDF - Alien [Drow], Female, Tactical, Drow Household sisters, None
    KDF - Gorn, Male, Engineering, None, None
    KDF - Orion, Female, Tactical, None, None
    KDF - Klingon, Male, Tactical, Old Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps Persona, None


    KDF - Jem'Hadar, Male?, Tactical, Jem'Hadar Vangard, None
    KDF - Jem'Hadar, Male?, Engineering, None, None
    FED - Jem'Hadar, Male?, Tactical, None, None
    FED - Jem'Hadar, Male?, Science, Gamma Recruit, None

    Waiting Ideas

    Starfleet Marine Corps Crew
    Starfleet Intelligence crew

    That is very Detailed! WOW!
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  • bloodyrizbloodyriz Member Posts: 1,756 Arc User
    I have my slots maxed out, and I am not sure how many that is. About 1/3 of them are at L50-Max, 2 are lowbies (under L10), and the rest are 20-49.​​
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  • crypticarmsmancrypticarmsman Member Posts: 3,812 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    dojihajime wrote: »
    Well the title kinda says it all, So how bad is it? How many characters do you have ? Do they have themes? how are they split among the factions?

    This is the only MMO (and I've played the majority of them going all the way back to EverQuest at it's sttart in 1999) where I've gone Alt crazy. In most of the MMOs I've played I've never gone beyond maybe 3 or 4 characters total (that was for CoH and WoW); and my average is usually one main, one alt.

    In STO I have 15 Characters, with 3 of them fully maxed out in T6 Rep and all the Skill Specs and 4 Crafting categories at Lvl 20 and another 4 characters that I currently have pretty well worked up in rep and geared - they're at full T6 rep and maxed in one Main and one Secondary spec each. the rest are all Level 65 and have at least 1 T6 Rep and a maxed Space Spec and are into at least one secondary spec to a point.

    All my 7 worked up characters are Feds across all the current Fed sub factions (TOS, ST: D and 24c) and the other 8 are a mix of KDF, Romulan, and a Jem Hadar - and the other thing is while working them up to lvl 65 I also got all their Crafting categories to Level 15 or better in everything.

    Most of my RL gaming friends are really into all the 'High Fantasy' stuff like Lord of the Rings and had Character Alts galore in all the various High Fantasy MMOs (like EQ, WoW, FFXIV, etc); but me - I LOVE space based science fiction; so I could never really get into my characters in those high fantasy/magic settings; but here, yeah 15 characters (yeah came as a shock to me when I counted . I guess it's because I really have enjoyed STAR TREK since I saw my first episode on NBC back in 1969 at age 6 - it was the TOS S3 episode "Elaan Of Troyius"; and I've been hooked ever since.

    Like any MMO, STO has it share of annoying issues (and bugs) - but overall, I think Cryptic's done okay with setting up their piece of STAR TREK as an MMO overall. Yes, it's combat heavy, and gear dependent to a point, but that's what an MMO needs to keep you coming back. If I just wanted to point/click and read a lot of text (which is what 'Exploration' would mostly entail in this type of setup) - I'm better served just reading a book (online or actually printed). ;)
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  • jonsillsjonsills Member Posts: 9,599 Arc User
    I have three Cryptic accounts (had to make new ones a couple of times to check out changes in CO's character-creation system for first-time players). On those, I have (IIRC) eighteen characters across three STO accounts; for some reason, seven of them are on my secondary account. I create new ones when I have what I consider a worthwhile concept to explore as a character, whether that's my main (a Human science-type intended to look as much like me as possible, except STO doesn't let me make a fat Human or wear proper glasses), my Romulan merc-turned-loyal-Republic-soldier tr'Sevel, or my TOS Klingon Kirrk (his entire crew uses TOS appearance, including the Gorn, but they do have TNG-style sashes).
  • cbrjwrrcbrjwrr Member Posts: 2,782 Arc User
    34. Although it's too many really.
  • echattyechatty Member Posts: 5,680 Arc User
    There are never too many ;)
    Now a LTS and loving it.

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