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Runner Banding, Bad load times and Lagginess

After the "Maintenance" (yes sarcastic quotes) the game is so laggy it is practically unplayable, rubber banding and bad connection.

Bring back the devs that were taken from STO to Neverwinter perhaps then STO will work as it should.

I am extremely upset as it has never been this bad after a maintenance, but I could not play it properly on my Alternate account because of this.

Not happy, not happy


On my main account I tried logging in first time and failed, it worked the second time, but that is down to server connection issues Main STO Server side after maintenance.
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  • paulda73paulda73 Member Posts: 44 Arc User
    Excellent, all running smoothly from what I can see
  • glen1martin#5454 glen1martin Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I am trying to Log in to my game After I push Engage the loading screen comes on for ages then goes off and I get a crashed notice so can not play the game at all
  • haglahayhaglahay Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    Cannot maintain connectivity for any reasonable length of time. This is the only game I've ever played where the publisher just cannot consistently provide access to the game for which I've paid. The main reason I still play is because I have a lifetime sub. If I was playing monthly I probably would have moved on a long time ago.
  • ukomegaukomega Member Posts: 41 Arc User
    Logged in today, hoping that the lag would no longer be an issue with this new patch.... turns out.. it's got worse.
    The Game is almost unplayable!

    Rubberbanding all over the place.

    Toons fire about 5-6 times, before any hits are even registered with the enemy

    Interactions prompts take 3-5 seconds before they appear

    It's just stupid!!

    While i respect that with the Launch of a new "Expansion" or "Major Content Update" the servers might be a bit more tasked as many players will return to check this out, this rubberband issue has been going on for a while.

    I also get that over the 10 years the system has changed a lot, but perhaps test things better on the server end of things, before rolling out stuff that ultimatly break the game and ruin the enjoyment of your product. As i assume the aim is still to keep your player base and not chase them away with these technical matters. It almost feels like we are not celebrating the 10th anniversary.. but were actually transported back 10 years when this could still have been seen as acceptable.
  • saber1973asaber1973a Member Posts: 1,220 Arc User
    Game becaome unplayable - lag, plus every other toon change - connection time-out (or something like that)
    I know the serwer is full after start of the anniversary, but how can the game be unprepared for this after so much hype about the 10th anniversary?
  • hunterkiller64hunterkiller64 Member Posts: 94 Arc User
    i cant even move my ship the lag is so bad and have to use the task manager to close the game
  • treking2treking2 Member Posts: 148 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    Today, the first day of the 10th anniversary event, an event much hyped about and promoted,
    has apparently been so poorly prepared for on the server side of things that it is making the event
    so far to be unplayable.

    - It takes many attempts to just log in. (Usually with connection timeout)
    - Normally laggy zones such as DS9 are intolerable. Doors will not open. Much rubber-banding.
    - At the best of times, button presses take at least 6 seconds to respond (when they respond at all).
    - Unable to stay connected long enough to play through any of the new content.
    - Random disconnects with "Server timeout" messages.

    Of course, not even one mention of these difficulties on the official twitter page. *sigh*
    Not even the Laggacy of Romulus was this poorly prepared for!

    NOTE: Before even thinking of saying it, it is NOT my internet connection causing these problems.
    I have run all of the recommended diagnostic steps, and the timeouts occur at your servers,
    NOT at any of the traceroute steps in between.

    EDIT: AH ... Finally an acknowledgement on Twitter at least that there is a problem.
    "It's mostly because of how many of you are trying to play..."

    How was the 10th anniversary event NOT anticipated to be a surge in number of
    returning players trying to play? How was this so poorly prepared for?

    EDIT 2: New Twitter Post: "Performance issues should be improved now, let us know."
    Holy Smokes ... it actually seems to be working much better now!
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  • paulda73paulda73 Member Posts: 44 Arc User
    The only Log in Issue I have at the moment is I cannot log in with my username, I have to use my email to do this, all these bugs are so annoying, they put a patch out to fix reported bug, only to create new ones.
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