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Can not claim Bonus dill from winter event

downdiggerdowndigger Member Posts: 52 Arc User
edited January 2020 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports

At 7:06 am mst or (6:06 pst) i did the winter event Fastest game on ice to collect my bonus Dillithium after i talked to the race official to collect my reward i was given a targ ear muff and this box you see in my (link Above) picture if you can see it that is again i tried to click the box to use it and it just stays there i can not use it nor will i discard it since it is the only proof i have that i ran the race and got nothing
DEVS and GM's please help

NOW on DAY Number 3 Still no Dilithium or response from the DEV's or Cryptic as to when I can get my 25000k Dilithium reward
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  • tigerariestigeraries Member Posts: 3,481 Arc User
    bonus dil is given when you finish... not sure about the other events but when you do the race, finish and talk to npc... it is given automatically. there is no claim.
  • downdiggerdowndigger Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    Yeah i know re read the post I said i talked to the NPC and he gave me a box that says claim for 25000K dill but i can not use the damn box he gave me click the picture link to see what box i am talking about
    Where it all began
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