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Items one should get from Q's Event and Phoenix Prize

imperium#7101 imperium Member Posts: 24 Arc User
I am wondering if there is a list of items, one should get from these two events. I did try to look but I just couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance.


  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 9,899 Arc User
    Once you have unlocked the Winter store on a character, that character can shop from it after the event is over. So you can pile up ornaments now and use them later.

    The only time-limited item I know of is the Breen outfit tailor unlock.

    What else you might want is going to depend on your captain career and away team, the ship you fly and what you want to do with it, and your play style.

    Some people want to Be Cool and have a character use a Breen ship, Breen space set, cold gear for ground combat, and now Breen outfit. Others don't.
  • rattler2rattler2 Member, Moderators, Star Trek Online Moderator Posts: 55,863 Community Moderator
    There really isn't anything you SHOULD get, as in "absolutely MUST HAVE you're playing the game wrong if you don't" should.

    What I would recommend is getting at least one winter weapon for use in the snowball fights and stuff so you are not reliant on picking up snowballs. Be aware that these snow weapons can only function in Q's Winter Wonderland so plan bank space accordingly. If you want a Nanopulse Bat'leth or Lirpa, that is your choice. Just be aware that they are plasma based so if you try to use them against Borg they can and will adapt. But they look cool. BOff abilities and Kit modules, depends on your build and playstyle so all I can say is read the tooltips and decide if it will be a good fit for you.

    And from the Phoenix Box, I'd recommend picking up the shotgun, as that is one of the best anti-Borg weapons in the game, alongside the Tommy Gun, Leck's Knives, and TR-116. I would also recommend picking up any Admiralty Cards that are available that you don't have.

    Beyond those suggestions, without knowing if you're interested in new outfits or not all I can say is look at the available items and decide which ones you want.
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  • tigerariestigeraries Member Posts: 3,482 Arc User
    Tommy Gun & Purple DOs. Only really things you NEED to get. Tommy Gun lets you forget about worrying Borg adaptations for ground weapons. Range, AE Physical Dmg... once upgraded to Epic 15 can let you clear a group of Borg with 1 spray of bullets. Maybe RMC for ship device.
  • gradiigradii Member Posts: 2,817 Arc User
    RMC is pretty great to have.

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  • szerontzurszerontzur Member Posts: 2,621 Arc User
    Winter Boots(for when you want to cover long distances) and Red Matter Capacitor(infinite use omni-battery).
  • ffttfftt Member Posts: 711 Arc User
    edited December 2019
    VSS Tanius admiralty card is something I grab from the Phoenix Boxes on any new character I make.
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Member Posts: 35,231 Arc User
    tigeraries wrote: »
    Tommy Gun & Purple DOs. Only really things you NEED to get. Tommy Gun lets you forget about worrying Borg adaptations for ground weapons. Range, AE Physical Dmg... once upgraded to Epic 15 can let you clear a group of Borg with 1 spray of bullets. Maybe RMC for ship device.
    Yeah there isn't a huge performance difference between purple and common boffs. :p purple doffs enhancing your ground abilities can make a world of difference.
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  • postagepaidpostagepaid Member Posts: 2,870 Arc User
    If you're only getting one of the winter weapons you can dump it onto a boff that'll never be part of your ground team (tovan khev for example) which will remove the need for bank space. Handy practice for having damage types within reach for endeavours.

    The cosmetics from Q are something that only you can know if you "want" them or not. Skills like the aoe freeze for sci can be pretty powerful and the tacs freeze missile I find is often better than grenades as it tracks the target.
  • burstorionburstorion Member Posts: 1,750 Arc User
    Lets see

    First things first - the Breen outfit. Its limited time and is destined either to be rediculously overpriced (even at sale price) by Mudd or shoved in the c-store (or maybe the phoenix box, although not for ages). For the effort of collecting the ornaments as opposed to its eventual cost later..I'd hammer the snowmen for this and several more boxes for future toons

    As to the phoenix box..it depends on what you do in the game -

    Needless to say, VR and epic tokens should be used for any ship you don't have

    Kobali outfit for dressing up

    The admirality cards are great if you do that portion of the game frequently

    The duty officers can be useful stats wise or simply for their powers - but this is down to build and how often you doff

    The Red Matter Capacitor is a nice device option in space
    Bajor defence core is pretty nice and the mission to get the rest is not too painful
    If you phaser, the prolonged set (beam/dhc, torp) is useful and buffs the Agony phaser torp (which can almost serve as a dot torpedo for science)
    If you use AP, the Crystalline console and the Voth phase decoy offer a 29% boost to AP damage and both are pretty useful for defence (admittedly the Voth one is pretty situational but it can be useful in a pinch) and of course you want the AP torp to capitallise on that

    As to ground
    Cochrane shotgun is a go-to for borg murder (although personally I prefer Lecks Knives)
    A combat pet can be useful on occasion
    As to the tribbles, the Crossfire is the one I'd go for if you have no better option
  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,485 Arc User
    Breen Outfit is already in the Lobi Store as well.
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  • wideningxgyrewideningxgyre Member Posts: 690 Arc User
    Along with some of the items above, I'm partial to the TAC kit module Micro Cryonic Warhead and SCI module Endothermic Induction Field.

    There are also training manuals for TAC Boffs for the Micro Cryonic Warhead.
  • ucgsquawk#5883 ucgsquawk Member Posts: 279 Arc User
    As above stated...micro cryonics warhead for you and boffs is great along with endothermic.

    I'm just starting a new Jemmie alt that will run 4 ground tac boffs with the micro warhead...just to see how they do.
    If only I could equip them with multiples of that power.
  • imperium#7101 imperium Member Posts: 24 Arc User
    Thank you all for the responses.
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