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Jem'Hadar characters unable to use Contact Duty Officers for ships/shuttles

captaincelestialcaptaincelestial Member Posts: 1,242 Arc User
I've been having problems with my Jem'Hadar characters with using the Contact Duty Officers. The consoles for the Contact Duty Officer UI remains unlit for these characters.

I've also had problems with Federation-aligned characters (Romulans and Jem'Hadar) when it came to the ESD's shuttlebay's "Take the Shuttle to Starfleet Academy" console. The button to click does not appear for those who can't use it, while the tell-tale glowies for the Contact Duty Officer consoles for the ships/shuttles do not glow.

The Contact Duty Officer bug only appeared on one character (one of the original two I've made, the Fed-Aligned Vanguard Jem'Hadar), but it was working for the Klingon-Aligned Vanguard Jem'Hadar. I created a second Fed-Aligned Van. Jem'Hadar, and it was working alright for the Contact Duty Officer, but not the shuttlebay shuttle button.

I contacted Support, and the agent recommended a Force Verify.

It cleared up the problem with my Fed-Aligned Romulans affected by the non-working Shuttle, but the Jem'Hadar who weren't affected by the Contact Duty Officer glitch/bug/whatever couldn't use it either.

The Support Agent suggested posting this problem (I should have done it right away, but I was rather busy), since the devs might be able to (hopefully) see this issue, if they didn't see it from the /bug report I sent when this problem first reared it's head.

Unfortunately, I can't bring up my Support History to find the support ticket for reference, since the Arc Support setup has changed recently.


  • captaincelestialcaptaincelestial Member Posts: 1,242 Arc User
    I created new character (Vanguard, Science Officer, Gamma Recruit), and he can not access the Contact Duty Officer UI either.

    Yes, I can access the Duty Officers missions from other sources, but I can not do Tribble research or any other Duty Officer missions that rely on the Starship/Shuttle Contact Duty Officer missions.

    Support can't do anything on there end, force verification does not fix it (so it's a deeper problem).

    It's affecting every one of my Dominion Faction characters, new and old.

    I don't know if it's affecting anyone else, considering nobody commented on this.
  • captaincelestialcaptaincelestial Member Posts: 1,242 Arc User
    My latest Gamma Recruits does not seem to have this problem, but I given the track record of my other Jem'Hadar characters, I won't doubt that Force Verify (whether it's because of a crash, or it's manually activated) will bring these problems to the latest characters.

    Update on the original Jem'Hadar that I've noticed this bug: Hidden message replays from the Romulan Reputation is constantly accessible and clogs up the Interface UI. Also, while trying to do the daily Nimbus Dance Contest I've ran into a problem with being able to use the Chat UI's text completion help; it just doesn't appear.

    Remek'Rax is my main Jem'Hadar character, while I could just delete this character (even with the time and energy invested in him), I've seen these problems spread to my other Jem'Hadar before the latest Gamma Recruit drive. Which makes me leery to do so, wasting a character to only have the same problems with his replacement.
  • kaithan1975kaithan1975 Member Posts: 511 Arc User
    The hidden message replay bug has been around forever, particularly for Overgrown Caves.
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