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kirstieinkirstiein Member Posts: 113 Arc User
(Demanding, flaming, trolling, ranting comments moderated out. /Thread - BMR)
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Helping people is my passion in life. If I see someone without a smile I try to give them mine. :)


  • seaofsorrowsseaofsorrows Member Posts: 10,913 Arc User
    Open a ticket with support for your lost items and stop being so dramatic.
    Discovery is good, it's you that sucks.
  • kirstieinkirstiein Member Posts: 113 Arc User
    Open a ticket with support for your lost items and stop being so dramatic.

    I am not being dramatic, you obviously don't know what that means! I am telling the truth of what has happened. Since the foundry being taken out and the new event system coming out, I no longer have anything to do on this game. I also happen to be the leader of a fed and kdf fleet and have noticed a drop in online time among my members, and esd zone chat has been rather quiet lately. There has been a huge drop in other players I see in sector space and other high traffic areas. I am not the only one experiencing complete boredom and a drop in play time. If something isn't done soon this 10th anniversary may be sto's last anniversary! ( that last part was dramatic).

    Helping people is my passion in life. If I see someone without a smile I try to give them mine. :)
  • keladorkelador Member Posts: 318 Arc User
    edited November 2019
    Have you checked in the event reclaim menu's as that is where mine appeared they did not auto complete and go into my inventory, I had to actually go a reclaim them.
  • wideningxgyrewideningxgyre Member Posts: 690 Arc User
    It is not a lie. You seem to have confused different items.

    As I recall, this change has been done in two stages. The first stage eliminated all of the old items from individual events - stuff like the Crystal Shards, Merit of Sompek, Multi-dimensional transponders - I had hundreds of the various individual events ones.

    These were replaced by a universal event "voucher" or commendations (FTFO commendation?). These were used for several events prior to the new system.

    These are the ones that "For all intents and purposes, this means that your saved Commendations will still be usable in upcoming events, exactly as they would have been before. The Breach Featured TFO will be the second such Event to allow this conversion, and we’re excited to allow players to use this new system to get the value they earned for their prior investments."

    Again, I had hundreds of these as well which are all still sitting on my various alts (less what I've used during the past two events when this new functionality was implemented). You can turn them in and complete the event and receive the full credit toward the T6 coupon (700), as well as continue to run the event to complete the T6 coupon sooner. I finished the KM event with 1800 T6 coupon progress tokens (or whatever they're called) - 700 after submitting the old commendations + 50 per day every day of KM (22 days).

    I have used them to complete both the KM and Breach events on Day One while continuing to participate in the event afterwards to progress on the free T6.
  • echattyechatty Member Posts: 5,721 Arc User
    Rant/doom thread.

    Now a LTS and loving it.

    Just because you spend money on this game, it does not entitle you to be a jerk if things don't go your way.

  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 7,664 Community Moderator
    OP has confused old event tokens (Crystalline Shards, Voth Operative Transmissions, etc.) with the more recent Featured TFO Commendations, so original basis of argument is moot. Other ranting demands removed. /Thread
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