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Elite House Mo'kai fighter (hangar pet) missing from fleet starbase store.

wraithmeisterwraithmeister Member Posts: 235 Arc User
I just got the new Sech Strike Wing ship which comes with a standard House Mo'kai Fighter hanger pet.

I went to fleet starbase to get the elite upgrade, but it is missing from the list of available elite hanger pets.

I also checked dilithium store and there is no advanced version of the Mo'kai hanger pet there either (in another forum someone stated that for an older ship with Mo'kai hangar pets, they had an advanced version in dilithium store). That did not unlock for me. But also, for every advanced hangar pet I can see in dilith store, there is a corresponding elite version in the fleet startbase store.

Thus while it would be good to fix the unlock of advanced hangar pet in the dilith store, I really want to have fixed the missing elite version in starbase. Hopefully this is just an oversight that can be fixed easily as this is a brand new "featured" ship...it should have elite fighters. According to this page, both advanced and elite should exist (though I'm suprised even the elite version has no torpedos):

Hopefully this is just a correctable unlock issue. It would be good if someone from dev team could comment if this can be fixed soon or not...if not I may just grab an elite to'duj fighter since they dont seem to have any ship restrictions.


  • shakesfistatskyshakesfistatsky Member Posts: 77 Arc User
    Elite Class C shuttles are also missing.
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